So now what ?

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So now what ?

Post by Fred »

Now that's it's over and done with it's time to dispassionately review the mess and decide what must DN do to rectify the failure.

Where did we fail in the play-offs ( sorry we can't bring in new Ref's for the entire league that love the canuck) and what must we do to rectify the situation.

Well it seems to me that we played soft and the P/P that should have kept the oppositions physical aspect of the game to a minimum, was missing. Do the teams grinders have enough grit (Green for instance)

Injuries played a big part, but, I suspect that once other teams fall out the play-off race they too will announce their own list of injuries. is the depth a problem. Seems to me like the best prospect Jaffray was not under contract.

If we suffered so many injuries are we maybe carrying to many injury prone players ( Cooke, Morrison and Salo for instance)

Is the Moose full of prospects or not, Grabner only played 2 game since he arrived in Winnipeg, Mason only 2 goals in 11 games, Schultz 18 goals this season, Rahimi 1 game. If these guy were standout prospects would they not have better numbers, none seem to be breaking the door down

Who will be the third man on the sedin line next season, seems like Pyatt needed a cattle prod to get him going, doesn't really play like a 6' 4" player.

Do they buy out Naslund and take the loss. Marc Chouinard ? ditto. Reid gets to move on (just for the Clamster LOL)

Trade Koltsov at the draft ? trade Schneider ?

Your the GM what's you intentions for this summer, seems to be like it's going to be busy
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Post by dangler »

With Naslund,a re-injured Morrison and Choinard on the payroll for another year I think we'll be seeing a similar team next season.

However the year after that things could get interesting with a few prospects maturing and $10 mill. to play with,Nonis should make some significant changes for '08-'09.
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Post by *CanucksForLife* »

We're gonna be in salary trouble in a few years. Bieksa still has his minimum contract. I wish all players were like that. They'd play worth or better than their salary. :roll:
Anyways, I don't think Pyatt really fit in that well with the Sedins. I would really like to bring Carter back since he's only going to make 1 mil tops if we sign him. I think he fits in better with the Sedins and has more grit infront of the net than Pyatt. Naslund won't be dealt. Just a raely good feeling I have about him next year. We should definitely keep Bulis. And if we can get Smoke for a good price, than we can keep him. It looks like we're gonna see 1 big name coming in to help Nazzy out. Then we will see if Mo stays or goes.
I think Kariya isn't the answer, but Hartnell could be. There is talk about Lecavlier or St. Louis coming, don't count on it. That's like us giving up Luongo and Nazzy. It just won't happen and it will be too big of a loss. Guerin is still out there, but if the Sharks go deep, expect him to sign with them again. There's going to be a few big changes and I hope they really help this tam with potential out. GO CANUCKS GO!
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Post by levelheaded »

I wouldn't mind trading Koltsov for a 2nd/3rd round pick at the draft, even if he does decide to come over we have more then enough offensive defensemen, and we need to save some money for Bieksa next year. After that we should concentrate on signing Schneider(rookie max), Pyatt($1.2-$1.4m), Bulis($750-$800k), Fitzpatrick($550k), Linden(650-750k), Cowan(550-600k), Kesler(preferably 3 years at less then his qualifying, so approx $1.6), Krajicek(750-850k) and Sabourin (500-550k). Smoke, Sopes and Sanatala aren't worth it. Leave Chouinard with the Moose so he won't cost us anything.

Then, use our first round pick to take either Moller, Repik, Hamill, Aliu or Veilleux. As for free agents we don't really have the money to target any big names, and I'm not sure we should really take a gamble on any lesser names with big contract years (Blake etc.). We need a 2nd/3rd two-way centre, a #6 defenseman (backup in case Edler or Bourdon don't make the team from camp), and a 2nd line RW.

As people have mentioned Hartnell might be a good choice, but I don't think we should spend more then $1.5 mill on him. I wouldn't mind having Carter back merely for his interview ability, but if he demands more then $1 mill from us I wouldn't care if we walked away. As for a centre Pascal Dupuis might be worth it, but again I don't think he deserves more then $1.5m. Gelinas might be a good veteran presence at the right price.

In fantasy land I would love to pursue Forsberg or Karyia, but realistically we can't afford either. We don't need any drastic changes, maybe a trade or two to get an above average offensive threat, and a right handed RW to play with the Sedins on the PP. I don't think we were that bad offensively in the regular season, but unfortunately it didn't look that way in the playoffs because we played a trap team and a world beater. When Naslund and Mo's contracts come off the books after next year we can actually start investing in some solid free-agents, we just need a minor tinkering this year.
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Post by Kel »

dangler wrote:With Naslund,a re-injured Morrison and Choinard on the payroll for another year I think we'll be seeing a similar team next season.
Where can I find info on Morrison's latest injury?
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Post by kingofrockstars »

Kel wrote:
dangler wrote:With Naslund,a re-injured Morrison and Choinard on the payroll for another year I think we'll be seeing a similar team next season.
Where can I find info on Morrison's latest injury? ... f4&k=30403
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Post by cerios »

I will take everything exactly the opposite of what level headed said.
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Post by Linden Is God »

Here's what I think should be done.

Sign a true 4th line centre. Someone that dominates in the faceoff role. Sign 2 BIG offensive wingers. The wingers need to be willing to muck it up. I would want one winger to be a Tomas Holmstrom TYPE of player. Hartnell would fit in too. The other winger would be a pure 3rd ine checking type, like Mike Grier. Also sign a bruiser of a Dman. Someone like Andy Sutton. my team look like this.

Naslund-Morrison-New Winger
Cooke-Kesler-New Winger
Cowan-New Centre-Linden
Spare: Burrows

Krajicek-New D

Bourdon should go to the A for a year and work on his mobility. Yes he may be able to play in the NHL but with the new found depth on D, why not let Bourdon grow in the A and make him the first call up? I think it would benefit him in the long run.

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Post by Ilevakam »

unrealistic but i would love to get briere, goal scorer with leadership capable of captaincy
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Post by Fred »

Kesler is going to be interesting, he has the speed and size to be a quality fore checker, but at $1.9 thats a high price for a player that is stricktly a third line player. To be honest that holds true for Cooke to. I think they wanted to find out how Rypen would fit in and then maybe jettison Cooke if need be, but injuries did not permit it and I'm not sure they can take a chance.

Krajicek ? might have offensive abilities, and probably more to come but can he put on weight and develop upper body strength to do the job they ask of him ?

Sopel given the ice time in the play-offs i believe for the most part did a reasonable job. I know he's not popular but he does have offensive flair and he has good speed when they let him go. But at the price he was paid before I don't think there's a place. However I have a sneaking suspicion they'll re-sign him

Edler is the Ace up their sleeve, proven, size, strength, passer and will only get better IMO.

Green is cheap, but lacks grit and no great face off man, Smolinski a better quality Green. Cowan is back and they are probably asking him if he has a brother.

Trade propspects

Koltsov, Schneider ( i don't think he'll want to wait for Luomgo to retire) and who knows maybe Bourdon, Edler stepped up where Bourdon should have been, he's worth a lot on the trade market ( cheap with a fairly big upside) and I have to think they're hoping for Rahimi to be next years Edler. McIver is supposed to be similar to Bieska.

You have to wonder if Mason, Hanson and Grabner are expected to play. they all have what DN is talking about great speed, so who knows
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Post by Badfish »

First off, this article made me feel better about the season ending somehow: ... 12230_5464

Anyways, I think we should re-sign Pyatt, but not unnecessarily to play with the twins. He did alright, but I'd rather see us find a big man with more of a scoring touch to play with them. I wouldn't mind Carter for the role, as some have mentioned, although I would like to think there's someone better out there. In a perfect world I'd like a Shane Doan/ Brendan Morrow type player (unrealistic, but a player of that mold) someone who can muck it up, isn't afraid to use his size, and has an offensive side. Pyatt I wouldn't mind on the 2nd/3rd line as a big body.

The two most glaring needs imo are a true top-line player to go with the Sedins if we're going to count on them as a #1 unit, and some toughness either on D or ideally a 2nd/3rd line forward. Hartnell isn't a bad choice for this role, but our lack of toughness started to show as the playoffs wore on, even with out guys battling like bastards out there!

Also it's Hard to blame the twins for not generating offense when they're playing with Linden and Cowan simply because they're a big body who will go to the net. If we had someone with a bit more skill to do the job who knows what they could do. Would also be nice to put a stop to some of the liberties being taken with the twins.

Smoke I'd keep for the right price, butI'm not 100% sold on him. turned it on at times, but streaky?

Bulis I can't decide on. On one hand once he got his head screwed on straight he started playing some good, speedy forchecking hockey. I just wonder if it will last, and if he's going to use that wrister we see every once in awhile.

Sopel.... as much as I like the guy personally... he gives me a heart attack every game. He's got size and can keep the puck in, and did an ok job when we were forced to give him more min.... but it started to show. If we're relying on Brent Sopel for defensive help that makes me a little queasy!

Krycheck I'm high on for some reason. His speed, shot and age all give me hope. If he fills out a bit more he'll be quite a dman. as he is now, he's bottom 3 with potential. Sounds good to me!

All in all, a great season!

Just think if we'd won the cup our first year with Luongo every year we didn't win afterwards would be a disapointment! This is step one of our Stairway to Stanley! Luongo wants it bad, and this little taste seems to have him itching for more...and I like it!
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Post by mattola »

Anyone master Cloning yet?

we could use one more Willie Mitchell at Defense and one at Forward :)

My gradings of the players

Daniel Sedin, LW - Exceptional Season, Terrible Playoffs. B rating
Henrik Sedin, C - Exceptional Season, Terrible Playoffs. B rating
Markus Naslund, RW - Below Average Season, Decent Playoffs not enough points C Rating
Brendan Morrison, C - Below Average Season, Below Average Playoffs, hurt for most of year C- Rating
Kevin Bieksa, D - Excellent Season, Ok Playoffs played injured. B- Rating
Taylor Pyatt, LW - Excellent Season, Average Playoffs. Product of Sedins? C+ Rating
Sami Salo, D - Excellent Season, Average Playoffs. Injured too much. B Rating
Mattias Ohlund, D - Excellent Season, Decent Playoffs. B Rating
Matt Cooke, LW - Average Season (great finish), Cant say on PLayoffs too injured. C- Rating
Trevor Linden, C - Did what was asked scored more than I thought. Good Season. EXCELLENT playoffs B rating
Jan Bulis, C - Terrible Season. Learned his role and was our best forward next to Linden in Playoffs. C+ rating (if he played like he did in the playoffs in the season I would sign him again)
Lukas Krajicek, D Average Season, GREAT playoffs. Pleasent Surprise. C+ rating
Ryan Kesler, C Injury Plagued. No Rating
Willie Mitchell, D Excellent Season (too injured) Amazing playoffs B+ rating
Jeff Cowan, LW (21 LA) Awesome pick up off waivers. Great grit. C+ rating
Alex Burrows, LW. Was a great PK in season and playoffs. C+ rating
Rory Fitzpatrick, D solid when needed in playoffs. great 7/8 guy in both seasons C+
Josh Green, C Average both Season and Playoffs C-
Bryan Smolinski, C (62 Chi) Average pick up, bad Playoffs C-
Tommi Santala, C Terrible season D
Brent Sopel, D (44 LA) Average pick up, performed admirably in playoffs C+
Marc Chouinard, C F for failure
Yannick Tremblay, D Didnt play enough. but was below average when he did
Alexander Edler, D Nice work on D for a young player. Very happy with his progress C+
Jannik Hansen, F Great playoffs. C+

Canucks Goalies
Roberto Luongo MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP A+++++++
Dany Sabourin Guy answered when called upon. Good teammate shows promise. C+
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Post by Fred »

Ah yes but the tough call is the one DN has to make. I know what ever he does will be criticised but the thing is what would you do. It's not suffient to evaluate, the tough part is letting which ones go ? Who's toast and who stay's
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Post by Island Nucklehead »

Naslund will bounce back next year. There is no way he will have the dismal season he had this year all over again. I think, like Luongo on the GWG, he's embarassed and has something to prove.

Sedins should be back in top form, and with another off-season of prep and more playoff time, I have no doubt they will continue to streak for the 90+ point mark. Henrick should work on his shot.

Hopefully Morrison can come back and play like he did in the second half. We won't get anything in a trade, so I'd rather eat the money than get fleeced and have nothing to show for it. He's a quality second line center getting paid quasi first line money. Oh well.

Pyatt should be resigned, if only for the reason he gives us an option. AV loved to change the lines mid-game, so having an abundance of players capable of playing shifts on any line is key. See who steps up in any one game and let them run with it.

Linden should come back. He's still the heart and soul and he proved he can play a big game. The season is too long for him, but he shines when it counts.

Kesler will resign for much less, or we'll take him to arbitration and win. Be nice to lock him up with Cooke money.

Cooke, possible trade bait? The guy is getting hurt at a frequent pace these days. His value is noticable, yet expendable due to players like Burrows, Cowan and Kesler.

Bulis. Dump him. Too many penalties, too many stupid plays. Somewhat of a distraction when he gets pissy. Playoffs proved we need more grit on the bottom half, and he's just another skill player.

The D is pretty well set. I'm not expecting BXA to produce as much as he did this year, but with Mitchell he should be a mainstay on our top shutdown D. Ohlund-Salo as well, we're very deep. Hopefully Edler can stick, and Krajicek can wheel and proved he can play more without hurting us too much. If these guys can stay healthy, we will have one of the deepest D cores in the West.

I think we could use another top 2 line player. I like where DN's head was at last year when he took chances on guys like Bulis and Chouinard. I'd be fine with something similar in the hopes that we get enough guys that can produce on any given night. I don't think we have the $$ to bid on the top-tier. Everyone knows we have to suffer through this season before Naslund and Mo's money come off the books.

At the end of the day, we have Luongo. I think it will be pretty hard for this team to score LESS goals than it did this season. His goaltending and commitment to team D means we can win on any given night. We just lack the firepower and the grit. The future looks very bright, especially considering the other teams in our division are not what they used to be (at least in Colorado and Edmonton, Calgary looks to be less than elite as well).
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Post by stevethiessen »

Not that there is any shred of reality in any of this, but if you're up for a good laugh check out, where Eklund isn't wasting any time, and has the Canucks "interested" in, among others: Sundin, Antropov, Carter (yes, Anson), Robert Esche (!?!), Kariya, Lecavalier, and Gomez. Good times!

Someone has told Ek there's a salary cap, right?
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