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Old boxscores

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Found this great site which is a work-in-progress compendium of all NHL boxscores. Canucks coverage is not complete but seems pretty decent ---> http://hsp.flyershistory.com/.

It's pretty fun to go back through games that I attended years ago and see the boxscores to see what I remember (and more that I've forgotten). Here are some favourites:

Canucks vs. Nordiques, November 13, 1987 -> Nothing special about this game (in fact, they don't even have the boxscore) but it was the first game that I remember seeing in person, as a 6-year-old. I know that my dad had taken me to a game against Calgary the year before but I have no memory of it.

Canucks vs. Oilers, April 7, 1993 -> I remember this game for one reason. You'll note that Bill Ranford only played 8:45 and made 3 saves on 3 shots. What the boxscore doesn't show is that he left the game after pulling his groin on a ridiculous save on a Pavel Bure one-timer. To this day, I don't think I've seen a better save in person.

Canucks vs. Penguins, February 27, 1996 -> My uncle took me to this game for my 15th birthday. While leaving the game, head on the radio in the concourse that Gretzky was traded to St. Louis. Better remembered as the game that Mario went between his legs to score against McLean to make it 2-1. Didn't realize the 1st assist on that goal went to none other than one Markus Naslund.

I'll post more as I remember them...
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