GDT-10/21 Canucks visit BJ's - 4pm - SNET

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Re: GDT-10/21 Canucks visit BJ's - 4pm - SNET

Post by levelheaded » Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:51 pm

randymeeks wrote:I have NHL Gamecentre and I wouldn't call what I have seen against the Blackhawks and the BJ's time to panic. We were really unlucky to come out of both of those games with 0 points. Leclaire just came up big in the third and Cristobal Huet back in Chicago had a great game against us. It happens sometimes, the bounces just aren't going our way right now and the injuries aren't helping, either. Hopefully we'll have some guys back in the line-up for the Oilers and this isn't a sign of things to come on the injury front.
I seem to remember all the same things being said last year. I don't care if you ALMOST win, or the goalie gets hot, or you get bad breaks, a loss is a loss. Excuses aren't going to fix our lacklustre defensive play or the suspect goaltending from Louie not to mention our suddenly anemic offence. We're in a funk, and attempting to justify it isn't going to improve things.

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