GDT - 1/31/2008 Canucks @ Lightning 4:30 PM TV:SN Radio 1040

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Post by Robert » Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:36 pm

It seems I picked the right month to be away from TV or radio. :cry:

Joe Rockhead
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Post by Joe Rockhead » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:24 pm

I,m right there with you Robert. I cancelled my satalite and can't stand more than a minute of Shorthouse's non- call play by play.

This team with this defensive style is not worth my time and effort. It pains me greatly to say this. But if somthing that you do consistently pisses you off to continue it would be insane.

Hopefully Nonis and A.v get fired and a team I can be proud to cheer for is not to far away.
Don Cherry for P.M.

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sic puppy
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Post by sic puppy » Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:00 am

Didn't get to see the whole game last night but what I saw and the morning highlights looks a little gloomy. Well. AV looked a little grumpy.

A tough stretch to be sure. Luongo looked to be a liitle rusty after his "rest". Look for a better effort tonight against his old team.

Some positives were the play of Edler & Bourdon. Couple of young effective D for a few years. Altho' Edler the last few games may be hitting the wall playing this many minutes/games at this level. Similar to DP in Calgary his first year.

Frustration on the coaches face. Hopefully it doesan't permeate the locker room.

A win or two would certainly go a long way to turn this around.

A quick note on the D last night.

Ohlund played 2 and a half more minutes than he averaged in the Nux first 10 games. Miller 4 and a half. Weaver 4 and a half. Edler 10 more minutes than his 3 games in the first 10 games. Bourdon and McIver didn't play a game in the Nux first 10.

Yeah, yeah. It's getting old with the injury excuse. Non the less it is a factor.

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