GDT: 11/14/07 - Oilers at Canucks, 7:00PM TSN HD

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Post by jchockey » Thu Nov 15, 2007 1:47 pm

levelheaded wrote:
Linden Is God wrote:Anyone catch the pregame show?? I found it interesting how Dreger said Jeff Carter's name is being mentioned in trade talk because the Flyers want a more defensive player. Then he went to say the Flyers have always had interest in Kesler. Not sure I'd want to make that trade, but I would love to see Carter in a Canucks uni.
No way the Canucks are trading Kesler with him playing so well. Richards would be sweet, but I don't see a trade for him working. (especially with both teams playing well *touch wood*)
Kesler isn't going anywhere, which means Carter's not coming to Vancouver, and Richards is likely to move than Kesler.

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Post by mattola » Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:16 pm

why isnt Kesler going anywhere?

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Post by Sundstrom's Bucket » Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:30 am

Indeed. How can we dismiss, out of hand, the possibility of trading Kesler to pick up a player such as Carter.

The fact of the matter is that to get a player of Carter's calibre (and potential) via trade, you have to give up someone the Flyers think is desirable.

The Flyers, as previous history indicates, certainly covet Kesler.

Kesler, while a terrific hockey player, provides a skill set that, while beneficial, is not an essential requirement on a Canucks team that is rich in grit and defensive ability but sorely lacking in scoring touch. (That said, he is arguably the best skater on the team.)

In other words, the Canucks need a player like Carter and can afford, if that is the price, to give up a player like Kesler to get him.

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Post by levelheaded » Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:45 am

Here's my reasoning. Both Kesler and Carter and 3rd line centres on their respective teams. Carter has exactly 2 more points in one more game playing on an all offence team. He's also only a year younger, and struggled mightily last year. On top of that he hasn't exactly ripped it up at any level (his best year in the OHL he had 34 goals in 55 games). Kesler has scored 30 in the AHL. Now I'm not saying that Kesler is a better offensive player, but the stats don't suggest that Carter is going to be as all world as everyone seems to think he will. Add to that the fact that Carter is atrocious defensively and you have a player that really doesn't fit into our team build.

Kesler on the other hand is essentially the same size (6-2 205lbs compared to 6-3 200lbs for Carter), but has a distinct advantage in the grit department. Kesler makes $1.75M for the next 3 seasons, whereas Carter makes $1M and will be an RFA after this year. You can expect he'll want at LEAST $2.5-3M a season, probably more considering that a lot of young players are paid for potential these days. So if we do get him forget picking up that impact winger we need. And finally, it would NEVER be a Kesler straight up for Carter trade. We'd probably have to add one of Schneider, Bourdon or Edler, and likely a pick or two as well.

All in all, doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

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