GDT: 11/03/07 - Canucks at Colorado, 7:00PM CBC/1040

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Post by whistler » Sun Nov 04, 2007 10:23 pm

I too would call it the best 60-minute team effort, and therefore, the best game of this season.
They played with jump, speed, passion, desperation, intensity, ... any number of good adjectives would work here.
They hurled themselves into the game, winning races for the puck, winning battles, winning position on the ice, getting on to the fore check and getting back for the back was a great game to watch from our perspective.

Luongo was making the stops and, even though his rebound control wasn't exactly Luongoesque, the skaters, focussed and intense, were clearing the puck before the Avs could pounce.

I love Tom & Shorty's zeal but Tom has gotten into the habit of deriding any player who is assessed a penalty. Quite often he is absolutely out to lunch on that.

The big question is whether or not we can duplicate that effort Thursday and whether we can keep the effort going if we get behind.
How many wins would we need for the team to really start believing in itself again?

The last few games we've beaten ourselves but, if we can keep playing at that intensity level, other teams will have to beat us and it won't be fun.

Saturday, vs the Avs, we were the team we expected to be this year.
I'm finally looking forward to the next game....

...and the one after that too :)

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Post by mattola » Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:04 am

JCardinal wrote:
mattola wrote: to me the way tom and shorty described it was one of the best team games of the season in a situation where it mattered to win most in almost every area. and they did that.
Yeah I'll give you that, it was one of the best team games of the season and best game of the season in terms of intensity, but honestly and I'm trying to be as realistic about this as possible I think it was pretty much every other game this season with just that little bit more effort and intensity that was lacking before. I guess I'm not saying it well, but to me they've played the same way all season, good but not intensely, emotionally, "compete level" (to use Crowism) enough. Last night they had that little bit more intensity and it turned a sucky team into a winning team, nothing fundamentally changed except that one thing.
fair enough.

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