Larscheid to retire after this season?

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mr perfect wrote:His interview on the radio with Ed Jovanovski between the 2nd and 3rd period - at the end of the interview Jovo told him not to hang 'em up. The players like and respect him.

I doubt that, given his opinions during the lock-out
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Growing up in Victoria,I remember listening to Larscheid and Jim Robson way back in the late 70's.I believe Tom was doing the Lions game back then too.
I could never get enough of Robson and Larscheid.

Fast forward 30 years and I am now a huge Flames fan. I still listen to Canuck's broadcast on-line and I must admit I cringe when I hear Tom cheerleading in the backround when the Canucks score.

That is fine though,that's who he is.No one can question his passion for the game.

More importantly though he just seems like a great human being.

All the best Tom!!
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