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Post by nuckknowitall1944 » Sun Oct 29, 2006 12:53 am

Let's have a look an see how some of the old boys are doing with their new squads.
Anson Carter 8 1 1 2 -1 6 14:31 4
Jovonovski 11 2 3 5 1 26 23:51 18
Baumgartner 6 0 1 1 E 4 15:00 21
Bertuzzi 7 1 6 7 -4 8 16:32 13
Allen 12 1 3 4 -3 14 23:48 19
Park 9 1 0 1 -4 14 14:56 2
ruutu 8 1 1 2 -1 8 13:14 12
carney 10 1 1 2 2 2 12:21 10

Cloutier 8 1 6 3.44 .879 0
Auld 9 3 4 3.34 .898 0

Crawford 3 8 2 8 12TH IN THE CONFERENCE

Well in doesn't look like any of the old boys are really tearing the league up, I mean Carter has done nothing in columbus an i'm sure their regretting signing him for 2.5 million an i'm sure hes realizing hey maybe the sedins had something to do with my 33 goals last year, Jovo seems to be...welll jovo, Baumgartner was put on waivers an correct me if i'm wrong been sent to the minors, Bertuzzi has 1 goal on 8 shots an is hurt,Allen an Ruutu seem to be playing pretty key roles with their clubs, Carney is doing decent in minimal ice time an Park well....Park is Park if you catch my drift.
As for the Goalies Auld started off strong but has been tailing off in recent outings. which brings me to cloutier, why is this guy in the league those number are hideous, which leads me to wonder why they are not playing Garon his numbers are much better.
I'm just happy hes out of town ,which brings me to Crawford I don't think he will last long ,I meaN he did reccomend cloutier which is really hurting him right now an not to mention that 3-8-2 record, Oh well good luck to you crow.

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Post by jchockey » Sun Oct 29, 2006 7:38 am

Nobody's surprised about Carter's lack of production.

Ed Jovanovski is not playing like a $7 million man. It will be hard for him to "play up" the contract, meaning that he will never play like he's worth $7m due to injuries, stupid penalties and only above average defensive play.

Unfortunately for Baumgartner he's in the minors.

Bertuzzi the same old enigmatic Bertuzzi... plus the IR.

Allen has been a top performer on Florida and has been assigned to shut down the opposition's top lines. He's doing the best out of this group, which comes to no surprise really imo. I was sad we had to give him up for Luongo.

Park will never amount to anything until he can consistently put the puck on net, finish, or play solid defense like he did in Minnesota.

Ruutu will always be an agitator, nothing more. And agitators imo are never worth more than $1m per season.

Carney is old and grey, but good luck to him in Minnesota, who are off to a spectacular start.

I think Cloutier can turn it around. Lombardi has too much faith in Crow and Crow has too much faith in Cloutier for it not too happen. Not to mention the only bright spot on the Kings' lineup this year is Anze Kopitar. Good luck to Clouts - liked him when he was in Vancouver.

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