Jason King to SEL

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Jason King to SEL

Postby Bret H » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:20 am

Jason King has signed with Skelleftea of the Swedish Elite League.

http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/sport/sto ... 98,00.html
(In Swedish)

Mats Lindgren is assistant coach, might have something to do with it.
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Postby Fred » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:34 am

Jason King, who is this guy :D
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Postby Cornuck » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:36 am

Good luck to him there - less chance of another concussion I guess.
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Postby Goon2 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:58 am

RIP, Mattress Line.
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Postby The_Pauser » Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:18 pm

Good riddance
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Postby Bret H » Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:24 pm

Thanks to whoever added that the article was in Swedish!

I usually do that myself, but forgot it this time. :oops: (I did forget, didn't I...?)

Most people would of course realize once they opened the link, but I understand it can be annoying to find out that the link you just opened is totally unreadable. Waste of time.
Bret H
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Postby westvandal » Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:36 pm

Why Good riddance? I felt he could have helped us as our depth is getting scary this season.

I guess he balked at a contract offer with no leverage...still though, King was good for 10-15 imo. Who is left to score goals?
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Postby tantalum » Wed Sep 13, 2006 2:29 pm

King balked at the tw-way contract and what he would get paid in the AHL. I'm paraphrasing Nonis but he's right when he basically said "Why would I want to pay a guy more that doesn't even think he can make the team?"

That's fine. King can go over there and do what he wants. The one thing King got right in all of this is that he wasn't going to make the canucks. He got passed by too many Moose players over the past couple of season.
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