The primary goal of this site is to provide mature, meaningful discussion about the Vancouver Canucks. However, we all need a break some time so this forum is basically for anything off-topic, off the wall, or to just get something off your chest! This forum is named after poster Creeper, who passed away in July of 2011 and was a long time member of the Canucks message board community.

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My apologies to the mods if I'm going overboard here, but I read that this forum was for people to speak their minds, and I'm going to speak it.

I have come over here from canuckscentral. So far from what I've read here the quality of posters is 100 times more intelligent than what canuckscentral has gotten to over this summer.

Seriously now, when you have a bunch of new posters coming in and starting crap threads like "dam y is the florida game a ppv game" and "who from the canucks will be on the olympic team in 2010" in the Hockey Talk forum (the forum that's supposed to be for intelligent hockey discussion, and people making fun of Steve Irwin's death in another forum, only for the mods to turn around and lay a ban on the guy who stood up against all that crap just blows me away.

The moderators there, Southern_Canuck, donlever (who hasn't been online lately), colonel_korn, Farley and the site administrator Chris are absolutely freakin incompetant at their jobs.

I was seriously going to leave that site anyways. What put ME over the edge was their poster, Strangelove, making fun of the death of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. Personally I think it's tragic. A very sad time in the world and some people are gutless and insensitive on such issues. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Anyways. As I've mentioned before, I look forward to intelligent hockey discussion here. Let's make this CC board the best on the net.

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The_Pauser wrote: Anyways. As I've mentioned before, I look forward to intelligent hockey discussion here. Let's make this CC board the best on the net.
As someone who has spent considerable times (years) on both boards, I'd like to add that this board is already the best online Canucks forum for mature discussions. It's a pity what the other CC has become, because it had its glory days for sure, especially in the early days of the WWW. (Yes, those days people knew what WWW stands for and how it's different from the Internet)

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Welcome to the site Pauser.

While I thank you for the comments about our boards here, I am not very comfortable with the ripping of another site or it's mods here.

As some people may know this site and that one once merged and it didn't end well. Over the years there have been some pretty petty decisions made from both sides which I am not going to get into again here.

If you would like to post here, I would just ask you leave them out of it, because it will do nothing but create problems.

Therefore, I am going to choose to lock this thread now. You've said your piece.

Again, welcome to the Corner.