Nashville shopping RW's?

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Do you think DN could/should go after one of these RWs?

Scott Hartnell
Martin Erat
No votes
Scottie Upshall
No votes
None of the above, we need a Dman more
I think DN's done for the offseason and is willing to go with what we've got
Total votes: 9

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Nashville shopping RW's?

Post by Badfish » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:53 pm

Erat, Hartnell, or Upshall possibly being moved at some point... Any thoughts on DN making a deal to land us a RW?
Obviously Hartnell's the favorite there but I don't think we could afford him (although the article doesn't mention his salary this season). Erat at 1.6, or Upshall for a mil less then that.... any thoughts? Do you guys even think DN will make another move or is he done? D?

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Linden Is God
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Post by Linden Is God » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:06 pm

I say Nonis should look into one of those guys. A RW is needed. Thing is Hartnell will be a UFA next year. It would be nice to get someone who has a long contract.

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Post by MarkMM » Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:22 pm

Hartnell - $1,750,000
Assets Has improving offensive instincts and upside. Plays with tremendous poise and defensive makeup. Is versatile enough to play any forward position. Loves to crash and bang.
Flaws Must stay healthy in order to enjoy a lengthy career. Has already experienced concussion problems, which could be a factor down the road.
Career potential Power forward.

Erat - $1,600,000
Assets Has a low center of gravity, is surprisingly strong on the puck and in the corners. Has offensive creativity and excellent playmaking skills.
Flaws Must do a better job of playing without the puck and not get caught out of defensive position. Could still add more strength in order to better fight off checks.
Career potential Top six winger.

Scottie Upshall
Assets Is a fiery competitor and backs down from no one. Has solid skating ability and loves to work the corners.
Flaws Needs to add strength to his frame in order to thrive in the pro game. Must show he can back up his trash-talking ways.
Career potential Third line agitator.

I don't know, Upshall doesn't seem to fit the bill and Hartnell and Erat cost more than we can fit without off-loading someone like Matt Cooke. What's funny is that all of them (including Cooke) are left-hand shots, so are we better off just keeping Cooke and seeing if he can rotate into a top-six spot, or seeing if Pyatt or Bulis can do the job, maybe Schultz?

Possibly we could get one of Erat or Hartnell (prefer Hartnell), off-load Cooke and pick up Upshall to replace him, or else give Bouck his job, but it all comes down to what they want in return, at this point, I don't see any of them as being a guaranteed improvement over Cooke which is who we'd likely have to give up. I'll pass.

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Post by Goon2 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:59 pm

Erat makes the biggest impression -- the guy is v-e-r-y fast. But there are also times he is no where to be found on the ice.

I don't think DN will do anything.

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Post by Meerschaum » Mon Sep 04, 2006 5:06 pm

Trust me.

I know all about the Ten Commandments.

I've watched that damned Charlton Heston flick dozens of times.

And I particularly know all about the whole "covet" prohibition.

Especially my neighbors' wives. You know the ones. In the tight angora sweaters . . .

But I've got a confession to make here.

On a purely hockey level, as a fan.

I've always coveted Hartnell for the 'Nucks.

There you have it.

Sigh. I'm destined for Hell now. :twisted:
Modo vincis, modo vinceris.

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Post by Badfish » Tue Sep 05, 2006 2:36 pm

I've always liked Hartnell too, allot actually. Just not sure if we can afford him, or if he's worth giving up cooke for. I'd like to give the Cooker another chance this season, see if he can step it up and play with nazzy and mo...

Still, we're pretty weak on the right side, it'd just be nice if any of these were right-handed... so I'm on the fence, just read the article and thought I'd toss this out there

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