GDT: Dec 1 - Canucks @ Hurricanes 10:00 PST

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Re: GDT: Dec 1 - Canucks @ Hurricanes 10:00 PST

Post by Jovocop » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:09 am

Todd Bersnoozi wrote:Glad to see the Lack get a win and Sestito another goal. Sestito battled hard in front of the net for that goal, would luv to see him get some PP time, let him park his big frame in front of the net and maybe finish some Sedin garbage.

Great to see Manny back in the NHL and was pleasantly surprised to see the Canes make him an Assistant captain. He was a recent call up too and they already recognize the character and leadership he brings to the dressing room. Bit disappointed in Komasarek, he's like 50 pounds heaver and a few inches taller than Richardson, yet refuses to fight him. I would of liked to seen him a Canuck going back to last year, but I still think he has some attributes which would help our back end. I will admit that with the pickup of Stanton, we dont really need him. I think he would be a better 7th man than Fat Alberts though.
I did bring up about Ballard for Komasarek last season. After watching him yesterday, I am very glad that the Canucks did not pick him up. He did draw a penalty but that was just plain shameful against a much smaller Richardson. :mad:

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