Round 1 Discussion (non Canucks)

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Re: Round 1 Discussion (non Canucks)

Postby Aaronp18 » Mon May 27, 2013 7:22 pm

SKYO wrote:Seems like home ice advantage means fcuk all in the playoffs now, maybe just having a good team is all you need. :shock:

Tell that to San Jose or LA.
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Re: Round 1 Discussion (non Canucks)

Postby Arachnid » Tue May 28, 2013 8:59 am

Fucking Red Wings :evil: The BlahCock fans I know are almost as annoying as the Laughs around me :evil:

If it's Chicago & Boston in the Final I am going to the cottage and not coming back until it's done :evil:

LA and Pitts with Iggy winning it would be sublime...
I love every move Jim Benning makes 8-)
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Re: Round 1 Discussion (non Canucks)

Postby Uncle dans leg » Tue May 28, 2013 9:27 am

I smell a Boston-LA final. Pittsburgh hasn't been beat up yet...neither have the Hawks
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