GDT Canucks @ Nashville Pro-golfers - 5pm S-NetP

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Re: GDT Canucks @ Nashville Pro-golfers - 5pm S-NetP

Postby Lancer » Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:40 am

cjc wrote:Ballard might have struggled but he's not alone. I'm convinced Bieksa has been injured for a while and is trying to play through it. Unfortunately it's affecting his play. As for Albert......why, on the Preds 2nd goal, did he back in so far? Isn't he meant to engage sooner? Looked like a house midget player.

A win's a win. I'm still not confident about the team's play. Kes is looking good and Roy is a great addition. Is this going to carry us through? Hmmm, I think I'll be reaching for the Depends in a few weeks.

It was a collective brain-fart by the team in the 2nd. Bieksa may still be playing through an injury, but his gaffes had little to do with his skating. I'm wondering if the absence of Tanev is starting to catch up to the blueliners. They were so used to him being on the ice and making the right plays that they're facing more pressure on the forecheck and making mental errors. That said, the forwards aren't helping out and setting things up for an organized breakout. Little things like playing the puck cleanly to wingers who make an effort to get clear in the zone for a break-out - that kind of stuff.

Having said that, better to get the wake-up call now against the bottom-feeders and still collect the points in time to tune-up for the rougher stretch. It will be more itneresting to see how they fare against StL, Det, Chi and Ana. Having said that, I'm not sure how the last two games will play out, as both Chi and Ana have pretty much locked up their spots and may just play not to get anybody hurt before the playoffs.
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Re: GDT Canucks @ Nashville Pro-golfers - 5pm S-NetP

Postby sagebrush » Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:20 pm

Per wrote:
sagebrush wrote:The supporting caste:

Hamhuis – Garrison
Edler – Bieksa
Alberts – Ballard

What? You have a caste system in Canada?! :eh:

Would the supporting caste belong to the Warriors, Laborers or Untouchables?

A place for everything, and everyone in their caste. Especially the supporting cast.

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Re: GDT Canucks @ Nashville Pro-golfers - 5pm S-NetP

Postby sagebrush » Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:40 pm

Jovocop wrote:
RoyalDude wrote:Nice brain fart by Baltard, but it's OK, cause it's all AV's fault, not his.

One brain fart by Ballard and you are all over him. Have you seen all the brain farts that Bieksa and Edler had in the last dozen of games?? ..

In the last game, Ballard looked to make the correct play, but fanned on the pass. The previous game, Bieksa passed the puck solidly, but was too dozy/lazy to check for opposing players first. ‘Presto’ – instant goal.

Not to forget Ballard’s screw up against Dallas in February, where he went for the big open ice hip check, only to get danced, and give up a goal. Can still remember the WTF look on Tanev’s face.

Bieksa, Edler, & Ballard have all had their moments.
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