GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-P

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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Jovocop » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:16 pm

Aaronp18 wrote:And why does Smith get a free ride with his blocker? He punched Edler after getting run over and facewashed Burrows with it when he was on the ice. It's not a regular glove, it's a weapon when it isn't used to stop pucks

Do you know that you are talking about Bettman's team? :roll: Doan pushed Henrik off when he was after the loose puck to get a three-on-one without getting anything from the refs.... :evil:
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Todd Bersnoozi » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:36 am

Just watching the highlights now, wow Roy made some beauty passes tonite. If he can play like that consistently, his wingers will luv playing with him and it'll force MG to try to keep him and offer him a fat contract. :lol: Great play by Kassassian on the Kes goal too, he held the puck so patiently (sedin like) and fed it back to the point which led to the goal. We're going to need these 3 horses going if we're going to make any kind of playoff push.

Nice to beat shane doan and his coyotes too. It's looking like his team will not make the playoffs this year and gotta make him regret not signing here. Enjoy those golf courses in phoenix buddy. :D
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Arachnid » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:53 am

Topper wrote:
Arachnid wrote:
Uncle dans leg wrote:Why would Jesus have made such a good porn star?

Cause he was hung like this *spreads arms out

*Standing with arms spread on the cross*

Why wasn't Jesus crucified in Canada?

*looking down at his feet*

'go away'

'get away'

'go away'

'Fucking Beavers!'

*Cross falls over*

Easter crossword clue.

Two across: What Jesus was nailed to?

It? :look:
I love every move Jim Benning makes 8-)
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Zamboni Driver » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:08 am

Island Nucklehead wrote:In fact, Booth, Ballard, and Luongo eat about $13.5+M in salary off our roster next season. The Cap is going down $5.9M. Anyone think we could afford to keep Roy and Raymond (and Weise and Tanev) if we jetison those three?

Don't forget that Burrows & Edler go up, that's another $4 mil or so
It would be tough to do, you might have to have only a 22 or 21 man roster, and wait for LTIR to bring anyone up.

Your 6th D and your 4th line wingers would be close to League minimum
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Uncle dans leg » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:22 am

in Genesis 14:14 was a foreshadowing (a "type") of the cross (T, an upright with crossbar, standing for 300) and of Jesus (ΙΗ, the first two letter of his name ΙΗΣΟΥΣ, standing for 18)
-from googlopedia

Am I close?
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby wafflecombine » Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:18 am

I was so stoked to see Kesler back and the man delivered. We had energy and attitude and it was good to see. Very pleased with Kassian's play last night. Noticable and contributed. Great pass and patience on the goal, some good back checking and overall a decent performance. I think keeping him with Kesler makes sense. Kes plays 30 lbs meaner than he really is and knows how to own the front of the net.... if that can rub off on Kassian by example...

Great game for Lou also. His angry birds score was unreal. lol, shouldn't laugh too much cause I'm glad to see Lou being a good team mate and continuing to support Cory. Schneids played very well last night. From what I've read he isn't in Venzina contention yet but if he keeps rolling like he is it might happen.

All we need now is Booth back and we'll actually field the full team we have on paper!
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Uncle dans leg » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:35 am

Arachnid wrote:Cheif Boy R2D2 banged Loops and left on the East side and she was never heard from again...

Now he's all pissed at Boothie because Loopies carcass doesn't give him wood anymore? She had long(ish) blonde hair and prayed to Jesus before he.... :look:

Back on topic...

Good dig-down-deep win for the nucks 8-)

Kesler was an instant impact on the ice and in the teams head. It looks like he's the one player who brings that "swagger" that had this team winning so much the past number of years. He is the Canucks top skater in my books and makes everyone try that little bit extra because he never takes a shift off or bails on a hit.

CS has been playing Vezina caliber goal for the past month or so. Any questioning about who should remain a Canuck has been silenced.

The way VCR crashed the net for garbage goals last night is a new look that will be much more applicable than tic-tac-toe passing when the playoffs begin. I like the way the team simplified its play in the O-zone and just focused on directing pucks on net then going for rebounds. Garrison lets that bomb go much more than Salo did and it helps keep the pressure on the slot if we have guys willing to stand there wacking at loose pucks.

Roy has a good stick and picks off alot of passes all over the ice. He's a great fit on this team and seems to have some real chemistry with Higgins. A more physical winger than Jannik might help create space though as he seems to be a little out of sync with the other 2.
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Re: GDT - Bettman's team (aka Phoenix) @ Canucks - 7pm Snet-

Postby Meds » Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:02 pm

There were a few things that stood out to me in last night's game, and I think the first goal summed it up.

Great patience by Kassian with the puck. I laughed at Ferraro as he said that has to be the worst execution of a 3-on-1 that you ever want to see. 3 seconds later the puck was in the net. But beyond the patience of Kassian, a perfect setup for Bieksa who whiffed on the shot. So I loved that Kassian can distribute and show some poise. But as he is waiting, Raymond and Kes go to the net, Raymond gets tossed over top of a sprawled defender (shoulda been interference), Bieksa fans on his attempt and that could have been a dead play. But Raymond got back up and into the play immediately and found the puck, put it back on net and Kesler, battling with 2 Coyote defenders pushes it into the net.

It was a total line effort goal. Nobody said quit. Everyone contributed and stayed on it, and the fouled up attempt by Bieksa didn't end the rush with nothing.

That effort was present through 4 lines last night. If the team gets on board like that, and if they can keep playing the way we saw the top 3 lines play now that we have a legitimate center on the 3rd line in Roy, no team can match up to that. 3 lines that are total threats to score and control the puck. A 4th line that can grind out some minutes and keep the puck in the offensive zone while tiring out the opponent's top lines.....

It's ironic the difference that having those center positions can make. I actually didn't think that Kesler's return would be that important, but coupled with the addition of Roy, they have looked like a completely different team out there since the deadline.
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