SIM League looking for a few good GM

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SIM League looking for a few good GM

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Hi All

I am posting this as a SIM league I belong to are looking for 3 – 5 new GM. We are currently at game ~45 and continue at about a game a night, but like the real league you don’t play every night.

This league is a keeper league, you get a team and year after year you draft players and make trades and keep your team within the cap. We follow what the NHL does so if the cap goes up, our cap goes up etc. Salaries are based upon NHL expectations +/- depending on your ability to negotiate.

The following teams are still available:


We had a technical difficulty so we had to do a re-start this season (which is why we are behind in games). Each team listed above will basically have the same team that started the NHL season this year including draft picks and prospects.

If you are interested here is the link to the site, once you are in we use dropbox to put all the game/team data in.

PS - I have permission from Cornuck to post this.

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