GDT - Feb 24, Canucks @ NJ Devils, 4pm PDT - SNet P

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Re: GDT - Feb 24, Canucks @ NJ Devils, 4pm PDT - SNet P

Post by Blob Mckenzie » Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:57 pm

^^^^ Stickys post

I too don't remember Raymond's last breakaway but i do remember guys like Hansen, Burrows and Booth getting breakaways because they aren't afraid to break through a defender and make a hard charge for the net .

I believe that while Raymond is struggling, my good friend Potatoe1 suggest he is also someone who can play on the top two lines and look ok. I agree with this sentiment and as we all know the depth is going to be tested in a long playoff run as injuries are inevitable.

I hope this year VAncouver can put the boots to their 1st round opponent instead of letting them off the mat like last year. If they could have dispatched Nashville and Chicago in 5 games they would have saved themselves 3 tough games of hockey and about 10,000 miles in the air. Use the Ducks of 07 formula- the less games the better. Being a west coast team rest is of the utmost importance.

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Re: GDT - Feb 24, Canucks @ NJ Devils, 4pm PDT - SNet P

Post by Larry Goodenough » Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:18 pm

5thhorseman wrote:
Larry Goodenough wrote: Kesler's fitness and non stop motor were keys to his success last year.

He was unable to train much this past summer due to the late ending and the delayed surgery. Instead of months, he had weeks.

Summers are important to build stamina and muscle mass that is slowly lost throughout the course of a season. If you're unable to lay down the same fitness and muscle mass base that you did the summer before, a difference in your play will most likely be noticed.
If that's true then we shouldn't expect as much from Kes come the playoffs either. Which is scary!
I would expect so. Vancouver is doing as well this year because their third line has picked up the scoring slack for the 2nd line. Kesler won't be as strong in the playoffs as he was last year, so here's hoping the better third line is the difference.

I still suggest Kesler stay home for the 4 game road trip the 3rd week in March. He can stay behind that week and rest/condition and avoid the travel. That would mean, as of March 1st, he travels one day to Calgary and back in the 6 weeks leading up to the playoffs. The Sedins should also stay home for that sole road game against Calgary in April.

Larry Goodenough
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Re: GDT - Feb 24, Canucks @ NJ Devils, 4pm PDT - SNet P

Post by Larry Goodenough » Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:30 pm

Sticky wrote:
RoyalDude wrote:
At any rate how can you complain about the best team in the NHL. I'm really finding it hard to, other than Booth's low hockey intellect which is evident due to his puck-possession-turnover ratio and his terrible stick-handling, defense and passing and anticipation.
This is becoming a bit of a problem for us, it's obvious that we are too fast. I think I'm on board with everyone else, in that trading our fastest guy - Mason Raymond for a slower, older guy who can fight cause fighting is much more important come the playoffs than speed is the right thing to do. Get slower, but tougher.
I havent heard of anyone of note suggesting that they'd rather have an older, slower, fighter than Raymond. And I havent seen any stats on Booth's puck possession turnover ratio. I would be interested to see that stat though if you have it. (along with Raymond's as well)

Dude... You're living in the past when you wax on about Raymond's speed. Its just not the asset we thought it was. He doesn't get many breakaways, and I cant recall the last time he blew past a defender. Other than outskating his own teammates, and skating in circles around the perimeter of the offensive zone, his speed has nothing more to offer.
I actually think that his speed makes him a less effective player than he would be if he lost a step. We see him turn on the jets... And then before he knows it, he has skated or stick handled himself into a corner, or heavy coverage and is lucky if he can snap a shot on net. I think he needs to think  and play the game slower, and use his speed as more of an afterburner.

I'm not a big fan particularily, but as far as Booth goes... at least his "low hockey intellect" takes his big body hard to the net with regularity. 
Speed is valuable in defence and backchecking too.

I also see Raymond going no where in the offensive zone. But the fact you always see him skating into the offensive zone and getting lost speaks to the fact he's quite skilled at back checking and turning the puck around. I don't remember seeing him have a breakaway either, but I also don't remember him making a poor defensive play resulting in a goal against

I'll again note one of the most progressive, smart and successful management teams in the league continue to use Raymond. That must say something about him. He's not doing much offensively, so they must love his defense enough to overlook the struggles on offence.

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Re: GDT - Feb 24, Canucks @ NJ Devils, 4pm PDT - SNet P

Post by Strangelove » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:36 pm

nuckster wrote: Remember Potvin? Cloutier? The coloured guy on CBC? (his name escapes me right now).
Kevin Weekes.
nuckster wrote: The Salo trade for ...Sche...can't remember his name either!!! LOL).
Peter Schaefer.
nuckster wrote: Now I have to get going... i have an appt. for something...but i can't remember what it was?
Reminiscence Therapy.


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