GDT - Feb 13, 2012 Coyotes at Vancouver 7PM S-net Pacific

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Re: GDT - Feb 13, 2012 Coyotes at Vancouver 7PM S-net Pacifi

Postby Rayxor » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:16 am

Meds wrote:Bieksa had some snarl back last night, particularly at the end of OT. Anyone lip reading out there? I sure caught the words "next game" and "promise" in his exchange with Hanzal.

That guy should have a mic on him at all times. We can sometimes read lips but it depresses me that we are probably missing so many wonderful quotes. Who was it that Bieksa wanted to scrap with that he was almost begging the guy to go "just once", as his lips suggested. Was it Holmstrom?
Believe it or not, Luongo is actually winning shootouts of late. He is working on that part of his game and has been good. He's improved his overall career record and is only 3 games away from being an even .500. All this does is build confidence in a department in which the guy has had none since the inception of this gimmick after the lockout. He is actually stealing wins for his team, and in the games we have lost in the shootout he has been full marks for the single point the team has earned as the Canucks have had no business being in a tie game at that point.

I'm sure Lu is getting sick of the shootouts as of late, but good for him for winning a few of them, and good for the team to pot a few to make possible in this game. Even so, its a good thing they have them in the playoffs.

Thanks for the analysis, meds
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