GDT: Oct 22: Canucks host the Wild - 1pm - SPac

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Re: GDT: Oct 22: Canucks host the Wild - 1pm - SPac

Post by Meds » Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:51 am

dhabums wrote:
Meds wrote:
coco_canuck wrote:The problem is Ballard's positioning, defensive reads and controlling the gap between him and the opposition's forwards in his own end. Those things can be badly exposed late in tight games and in the playoffs, and until Ballard improves that area of his game, he'll be a 14-17 minute player and will likely be even more squeezed in the playoffs.
Oddly enough, compared to Bieksa, Alberts, and occassionally Edler and Salo, Ballard has been the best all-around on our blueline. I haven't seen him get exposed for poor positioning the way some of the other guys have. Obviously I'm talking about games this season.....
I agree. What I've not liked about Ballard is how often he loses battles along the boards, even if he is the one with the puck. He sometimes seems worried about taking a hit.
I'd say he's more worried about screwing up, losing the puck in a bad way, and then getting chewed out on the bench.

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