GDT: Oct 10 - Canucks @ Columbus - 4pm - SNET-P(HD) RADIO: 1

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Re: GDT: Oct 10 - Canucks @ Columbus - 4pm - SNET-P(HD) RADI

Post by Per » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:00 am

UWSaint wrote:But watch other teams play hockey; the Canucks strength is their depth.
Agreed. And that's the main difference that I think MG has brought to the team. Most of the starting lineup was more or less in place when he arrived, but he has added depth, which is invaluable at teh end of a long season.
UWSaint wrote:And one of the best, if not the best, first lines in hockey.
Agreed again. How many teams can field two Art Ross winners on one line... and then bring out a second line centered by last season's Selke winner (well, soon :P )?
UWSaint wrote:3rd period is a charm. Canucks should start home games an hour later so they can close it out in the Second.
LOL! Yup, this team is strong and well conditioned. But it's great that both we, they and the opponents know that this team knows how to come from behind and win. 8-)

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Re: GDT: Oct 10 - Canucks @ Columbus - 4pm - SNET-P(HD) RADI

Post by Per » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:12 am

dhabums wrote:Could you at least put the open liquor in the drunk ... ?

Priceless! Was he sobering up?

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Re: GDT: Oct 10 - Canucks @ Columbus - 4pm - SNET-P(HD) RADI

Post by KeyserSoze » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:11 am

dhabums wrote:
Strangelove wrote: Not only did Methot get away with a vicious cheap-shot on our captain, but later showed one way to send a message. The impression was that Burrows had run BJ's goalie... so first chance Methot got he viciously cross-checked Burrows (in the back just after he scored). He didn't receive a penalty on the play and I'm sure AB is still feeling it today.
But we asked Methot to fight, so it's all good.
Doug MacLean makes me laugh.

He has been one of those in the media that has been quite vocal about the Canucks not being tough enough in the SCF and not being tough enough today etc.

BMac brought this up with him yesterday and asked him straight up what he would have liked to see happen in response to the Methot cheap shot on Sedin.

MacLean pauses for a second (as if surprised to be asked that question) and then says he would have liked to see someone go talk to Methot in order to send a message that hits like that will not be tolerated. :eh: In the same conversation he goes on to say that even a shoving match can also be a way to show other teams you are willing to stand up for your team mates.

Hey Doug, both Bieksa & Volpatti asked Methot to fight and there was a shoving match immediately after the either come up with a real answer or shut your trap already.

I do agree that the media has taken the whole "not tough enough" thing too far, but also feel that plays like the Methot hit deserve more attention/reaction from the Canucks then just perhaps scoring on a 2 min PP. Keep in mind our PK last year was tied for 2nd best in the league, so if you have to take an extra 2 every once in a while when your best player gets run from behind it's probably not going to cost you a playoff spot.

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Re: GDT: Oct 10 - Canucks @ Columbus - 4pm - SNET-P(HD) RADI

Post by darren » Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:01 am

dhabums wrote:
darren wrote:
dhabums wrote: Fighting majors do not result in a PP. I've heard and read today people claiming "it was a close game so nothing could be done". WTH does that even mean? (This is where someone should make a pointless reference to the instigator penalty, as if it is relevant.)
Unfortunately, I'm not quite smart enough to follow your reasoning here. Perhaps you can assist. Why is the instigator penalty irrelevant? Both Bieksa and Volpatti seemed to think it was quite relevant.
To make this clear, let's go to the far left. Would you be ok with the Sedins getting run and injured nightly without a response but a PP? If yes, you can stop reading. If no, when do you respond? If the exact same thing happens tomorrow night and it's 5 minutes into the 2nd period do we cower under the threat of a POSSIBLE 2 minute PK? I mean it's 1-1 and we don't want a penalty? Or if Methot does the exact same thing next game in the 3rd period? When is it ok? I am curious. Do you ever say "ok, now it's time to do something." If yes, we clearly agree on what should be done, we just disagree on when.
Look, there are 29 other teams that would like to beat us. They are going to play the Sedins physically, if they don't then they aren't doing their job. The thought of a knuckle sandwich isn't going to deter them.

I don't think that "doing something" or "responding" (other than scoring on the PP) will have any deterrent effect whatsoever. It makes the fans feel better, but that's it.

As for the instigator penalty, I suspect it is more likely when the fight appears to be premeditated and targeted at a particular player for something that happened earlier in the game, rather than a spur of the moment kind of thing.

edit: And here is what some guy named Daniel Sedin has to say on the matter. I'm not sure who he is...perhaps he's never played competitive hockey either?
“There’s always been that kind of talk: we’re European, we need protection,” Daniel said before the Canucks travelled here for today’s game against the Edmonton Oilers. “I’ve never really understood that. I really don’t understand what they’re talking about. For us, we can take a hit. That hit against Hank [in Columbus on Monday], that’s going to happen in a game. Why do we need guys to step in there and fight him right away? We’re going on the power play and have a chance to score. That’s how you win games. We’re fine getting hit. It’s hockey, not some other sport.”
And some guy named Henrik, who doesn't understand the rules of the NHL obviously.
“Teams go after me and Danny the way they go after Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry [in Anaheim] or anyone else like that. The hit in Columbus was not a big deal. We had guys asking their guys to fight, and they said no. That’s fine. I was really proud that the guys didn’t go after [Methot] and take a penalty which would have cancelled our power play.
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