GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + NHLN

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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by Lancer » Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:40 pm

Benjo wrote:I think the sample size is to small to say Sulzer is better than any of those guys but he's definitely surpassed Parent.
The way he's played this post-season, I think even I have surpassed Parent on the depth chart. :lol: He has played his way out of this organization. I think there have been times he's tried too hard to be everything and ends up doing nothing.
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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by Southern_Canuck » Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:55 pm

They're saying that in addition to Pinizzotto, Rome won't return to this game.

Early powerplay - I don't know if I can watch another one of these "powerplays"... Wonder Twins Power Activate!

It's a great day for hockey!

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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by jackalman » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:02 pm

Southern_Canuck wrote:I wonder if they'll credit the goal to Hodgson - he dove and whacked at it as he was crashing the net.

2-2 Canucks

Anyway, you've got to like that intensity by Hodgson.

Well S_C you were right about AV and I was wrong. Happy to say it too. He has given CH his shot this pre season, and it looks like Coho is going to run with it. I still hope to see cody with some elite players and see what more he might show. Great work on the game updates as well S_C. Your efforts are apreaciated! :D

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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by Benjo » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:15 pm

Baumer caught roaming in front of Lack and accidentally deflects a puck past Lack.

Winchester with his 3rd minor penalty of the game.

Baumer tees up the one timer to make it 4-3 on the 5 on 3 PP.

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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by Topper » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:18 pm

A few comments:

It was like watching the 1976 Vancouver Canucks.

Silent G continues to not impress. Goat horns on the last two Shark goals by being completely irresponsible in his own end. Who else burst out laughing when the call "Hodgson with a power move to the middle" was made?

Nolan is done.

Lack wore Lou's glove.

Still want Winchester? :lol:
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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by Hank » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:00 pm

Ok, just got back from the game... just my opinion so don't attack :roll:

Overall the team competed with some of the top Sharks players and did not embarrass themselves. Decent games turned in by all, some bad plays and giveaways by rooks and vets alike. Typical so let's not harp too much on one guy. Not going to mention everyone.

Lack - Big mobile really sound and has good movement. Shaky rebounds and wtf moments when blockering shots out to dangerous areas. Really bad playing the puck behind the net. No fault on 3rd or even the 4th goals. Very good prospect, but not close to unseating Schneids yet.

Parent - Everyone agrees he's a definition of 1st round bust I think? Seems like he's never in the right defensive position, not enough edge and can't finesse his way out of trouble. His gap coverage is horrendous, literally a full face-off circle away from the shooter he's defending. Could hardly ever get the puck out when paired with Sulzer. Should be rated the lowest d-man in the system. I can't see him ever having any kind of significant time with the big club. If he does we're fucked.

Sulzer - Not the most physical, decent and pretty calm unless paired with Parent. Ridiculous power and consistency on his one-timers, never whiffs, but needs some control. If Rome and Alberts is a notch below Tanev and Ballard, then Sulzer is a notch below them. Call up.

Baumgartner - I thought he was done as an AHL defenceman, but he was surprisingly steady tonight. Can't say anything bad. But if he's up here before some other call ups, we're fucked.

Rome - Really steady, then he disappeared. I didn't see what happened.

Erixon - Didn't pay attention.

Ballard - Rock solid. Directed the d-corp. Made some nice breakout passes. Is obviously no Ehrhoff but was pretty good on the PP late in the third... along with everyone else.

Pinizotto - What happened? He was out before I got to my seat.

Duco - Slowed down a bit tonight, maybe not as effective, but still love the energy he brings. Does not discriminate while hitting. Almost as tiny as Schroeder.

Schroeder - Did some nice things. Has obvious offensive skills and works hard to back-check, but I just don't think he's NHL ready especially at center. Just gets manhandled too easily. Probably should never be an NHL center either.

Ebbett - Meh. No way he should get the nod over CoHo... or even Jordan imo. No way San Jose.

Jensen - Didn't do too much, but man, what a rook! Just poised and smooth and doesn't look out of place. He will be here soon!

CoHo - What can you say? Just worked hard and battled. Made things happen and was confident. Obviously it's a tough position and he made some errors and got schooled a bit, especially in the dot. But he was good on the PP in the third, made plays, put pucks on the tape in the slot and crashed the net to score. I know Tops thinks otherwise. I can't see him NOT making a spot for himself.

Nolan - Ok I'm torn. In the first two periods he looked shot. Could not play the hard-forchecking style with his linemates, just couldn't get there. Fortunately he positioned himself defensively where he wouldn't get burned. Veteran smarts, but just kills the system. Third period he was better. Still got good hands and useful offensively, but I don't know... after watching this game, I don't think it's going to happen with AV. Update: He gone.

Sturm - Smart, veteran, goes to the net. I noticed he wasn't quite as speedy tonight? Tired or knees?

Volpatti - Skates harder, hits harder than Tanner Glass but is he a better player? I can't say yes. Should get in a few this season?

Roussel - Medal of Honor just for jumping in to take on Swedish Godzilla... and surviving. Earned some brownie points.

Lappy - Did he just get a whole lot better? I never thought much of his playing skills especially when he first came here. But then the playoffs happened and he's carried it over. Made some seriously good plays and drove the Sharks nuts at the same time.

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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by Listercat » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:27 pm

Topper, gotta disagree with you about Coho. The 3rd goal was a fluke bounce and if anyone had horns on that play it was Baumer for his lack of coverage in front. Cody will make rookie mistakes, that is to be expected, its part of the process. He is not afraid to go into the dirty areas and battle and he accounted himself well in doing so. Considering the experience level of the centres he faced he did well.

I am really impressed with ability to find the open man in front. He set up mates several times for good chances when he had little time or space to make a play. His skating is stronger and I don't think it will be a huge issue as he continues to develop.

Duco has also impressed. Great skater as good anticipation and loves the trenches. Its too bad he isn't 5" taller and 30 lbs heavier but he is effective as is.

Two hits by Douglas Murray, one in the first and the one on Lappy both reminded me of the Rome hit on on Horton.

Winchester is big but boy is he dumb. The elbowing penalty should be looked at by Shanny.
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Re: GDT: Sun, Sep 25 ~ Canucks host Sharks ~ 6pm ~ S/Net + N

Post by coco_canuck » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:11 am

A few comments.

Lack - Even though he let in a couple of iffy goals, he battled and didn't allow the game to get out of control. Every goalie lets in a bad goal or two in a game from time to time, but it's how they respond to those goals that's important, and I though Lack stayed calm and improved as the game went along.
Listercat wrote:I am really impressed with ability to find the open man in front. He set up mates several times for good chances when he had little time or space to make a play.
I agree that Cody has looked much better this pre-season and he had some nice shifts last night, but he's not going to have as much time and space in the regular season. Cody has been fairly strong on the puck and has crashed the net, but I haven't seen him make too many good plays or passes in traffic. It's one thing to break free from a poor Sbisa check and making plays against legit top 4 d-men with strength. When the pace picks up, will he be able to elevate his game and remain as effective as he's been this pre-season? I sure hope so, but he's gonna have to stop stick-handling through traffic or when he's being met by a checker in the neutral zone. That's not gonna fly.

Nolan - Groin injury or not, he had a terrible time keeping up with the pace. Not only did he have a hard time keeping up with a quick Sharks team, but he also had difficulty making simple plays against the faster opposition. If he's laboring this bad after a minor groin strain in the pre-season, he has absolutely no chance of playing in a regular season game when he's banged up, let alone in the playoffs.

Sulzer - He's got a big body, moves around well, a nice first pass and a hard shot. Seems like a player who can handle the 5-6 role very well in spot duty and could turn into a regular NHL d-man if he plays with more authority and assertiveness. The tools are there, but he needs a bit more to his game.

Eriksson - Must admit, he started looking better as the game went along. As he finds his legs, he's a smoother d-man who makes quick plays and gets the puck moving in a hurry, something the Canucks coaching staff always reinforce. Obviously he's much like Sulzer in that he'd be decent as a depth call-up, but if he's willing to play in Chicago in a mentor role with the odd chance of being called-up, I'd sign him to a 2-way deal. When everyone is healthy on the blue-line, there's an 8th d-man spot open in Chicago, and they may not have 7 if the Canucks elect to keep 8 d-men up here even with Rome out.

If Burns and Boyle are both your offensive weapons on the blue-line, who's playing defense?

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