Free Pussy Riot!

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Re: Free Pussy Riot!

Post by Per » Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:52 pm

Strangelove wrote:
Cornuck wrote: Pretty much sums up the whole situation...
Hmmm that would explain why the only two to spring to the defense of Pussy Riot were

.... known anarchist Arachnid and long-suspected secret-anarchist Per! :drink:
So you're inferring that George Bush and President Obama are also anarchists, since these nazi apologists seem to say that Bush and Obama both are behind this attempt at weakening the Holy Russian Nation? :eh:

Keep drinking what you're drinking! :|

(it's not Ardbeg, is it? If so, please pass the bottle!) :drink:
Whatever you do, always give 100 %!
Except when donating blood.

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Re: Free Pussy Riot!

Post by Strangelove » Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:03 pm

^^^^ notes Per doesn’t deny being an anarchist. :thumbs:
Arachnid wrote: I'd rather be known as The Archivist, kinda a play on activist, anarchist, anti-christ, architect, archeology and o'course, arachnid ....documenting the decline of of civilization, filing it away...yeah, yeah...I kinda like that The Archivist™
I dunno Spides, would ya settle for Archaic Archvillain? :drink:

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