Trading Canucks Tickets

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Trading Canucks Tickets

Post by dchrist2 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:02 am

Hi guys,

I recently came into two lower bowl tickets to the Winnipeg game on March 8, but would really like to flip them for the March 17 game against Columbus (crazy I know, but it's my anniversary and the wife would actually rather go to the game!). I'd rather do a straight trade rather than selling them on stub hub or something, but have never done anything like this before and would prefer not to get hosed on Craigslist or the like.

Does anyone know of a good trusted resource for something like this (or even perhaps want to trade themselves)? I have to think Winnipeg is more valuable than Columbus (but I don't care about making money, just a straight trade for comparable seats).

Thanks! (and sorry to mods if this is not where this belongs)

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