Enemy Territory...

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Re: Enemy Territory...

Post by BCExpat » Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:12 pm

rats19 wrote:
BCExpat wrote:Welcome to Alberta Rats! The province can't claim there aren't any rats here anymore :lol: . With your horses, etc., you'll fit right in. I live a little farther south than you - in Strathmore, although I'm spending most of the winter here in Phoenix. 8-)
Thnx expat if I get to phoenix It will be feb or march for a month or two...way to frikken busy with changing almost everything.
I'm here for December and January. I'm back in Strathmore for February, the back here for March and part of April. Anyway, maybe this year we can catch a hockey game (I'm not sure if the Canucks are down here then).
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