Money Bags

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Money Bags

Post by Per » Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:32 am

You know, there are seven months in any given year that have 31 days.

This means that by mathematical necessity there will be three days of the week that occur five times in every such month, since we have agreed since Babylonian days to employ a seven day week.

Now, if you want a specific set of consecutive weekdays to happen five times in a month, that will happen roughly once a year. If you want a specific set for a specific month, it will happen roughly once every seven years.
Leap years mess it up a bit, and the week days for January and October are identical (except in leap years), as are March and December, so it's really a good chance that when it happens it happens twice in the same year, but on average.

It does not happen just once every 823 years, I'm pretty damn sure feng shui does not bother itself with this and I'm also pretty damn sure the Chinese do not call it money bags.

I also believe with 100% certainty that whether or not you copy and paste this royal bovine manure will in no way whatsoever affect your financial situation in any which way you can imagine.

Seriously. Whatever happened to basic math skills and/ or critical thinking? :eh:

Sorry for the rant, but these stupid things pop up all over facebook over and over again, and if I see it again I think my head will explode.

And if you do not copy and paste this as your facebook status it's quite possible that your house will fall over and radio active lizards will eat your dog, so ignore at your own risk. :devil:
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