Basi, Virk & ...Aquilini?!?

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Basi, Virk & ...Aquilini?!?

Postby ClamRussel » Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:07 am

The full wiretapped transcript is as follows. Note that police wiretaps often use phonetic spelling, which is uncorrected here.


BOB VIRK: Hey, it’s Bob.

BASI: Hey.

VIRK: What’s up?

BASI: Fuck, Franchesco FRANCOLINI (sic) came through for the flight for the young Liberals for seventy-five thousand bucks.

VIRK: All covered?

BASI: Yeah.

VIRK: Holy.

BASI: I, I worked with Lyle (sic) on that. That’s why I was, I gotta confirm now, right? That’s why I was, that’s one of the reasons I was really pissed. There’s no credit given to us. Do you know how much we’ve nurtured that relationship with Lyle and Francesco?

VIRK: Um-hmm.

BASI: That fucking guy calls this office and I fucking jump twenty stories.

VIRK: Um-hmm.

BASI: He’s also negotiating today to buy the Canucks.

VIRK: He’s what?

BASI: Negotiating to buy the Canucks.

VIRK: Yeah, I know. He told me.

BASI: Today they’re, they’re, they’re actually in a meeting right now.

VIRK: Buddy, I, I, dont’ have to tell you that’d be the dream job, okay?

BASI: Vice President, Government Relations.

VIRK: I’ll be, I’ll be your bitch, whatever I have to do, man.

BASI: Come here, boy!

VIRK: I’ll be , I’ll be, I’ll be Adam and I’ll bring your danish.

BASI: Danish, fuck (indecipherable). Well, I’ll call you back, okay?

VIRK: Okay.

BASI: Bye.
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Re: Basi, Virk & ...Aquilini?!?

Postby nucklehead_88 » Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:28 pm lost.......whats all this stuff?

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Re: Basi, Virk & ...Aquilini?!?

Postby ClamRussel » Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:27 pm

Wire-taps on Basi & Virk's phones by the RCMP...its the investigation into the BC Rail scandal/raid on the Leg.

Very interesting because both Basi & Virk figured they'd get cushy jobs when Paul Martin was appointed PM. Aquilini figures in as he paid to send a whackload of 'young Liberals' back east to vote Martin all comes full circle when you look at federal government's involvement in the BC Liberal's sale of BC Rail. All this went down right around the time of the contested sale of the Canucks. According to these new documents there is a major organized crime element to all of this including the cousin Aneal Basi who got off. According to these reports the RCMP knew he had a grow up at the same time. According to Michael Smyth on CKNW today not only did Basi know about it but he was possibly invested in it. Aneal Basi was charged but not convicted of money laundering in this affair, laundering the money that Basi & Virk received as bribes to provide illegal & confidential info to potential buyers.
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Re: Basi, Virk & ...Aquilini?!?

Postby BladesofSteel » Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:31 am

Basi owens(ed) something like 3 or 4 properties on the Island, and yes, he did indeed have a grow op in one of them. Further, his couisin was involved in a major criminal investigation led by the Vic RCMP at the time for drug traffic - coincidence? Hmmmmm.
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Re: Basi, Virk & ...Aquilini?!?

Postby Topper » Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:12 am

Basi and Virk got into trouble for taking money from OmniTrax, one of the bidders for BC Rail. Their ambitions to climb the the elitist public servant consulting ladder are well documented.

BTW, OmniTrax lost the bid to CN.

The aqualung connection looks like only a political donation, but there could be a weird side plot. I don't see any connection but here is the scoop.

The aqualung group had a proposal to build a garbage incinerator at Christina Lake BC. It was one of many sites they were exploring and sent out several feelers, spoke with the Regional District about rezoning an existing dormant industrial site and held a couple of public information meeting. Community support wasn't there, in fact there was a strong nimby backlash against the project. Eventually the withdrew the proposal.

The incinerator would have burnt contaminated waste; oils, paints chemical waste etc, supplied to the site by a rail link south into Washington state to generate electricity and the solid waste could be used for building supplies. It is very cool technology that essentially vaporizes the waste at extreme temperatures.

Who owns the rail link? That's right, OmniTrax.

It could all be a coincidence, OmniTrax is one of the largest rail companies in North America.
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