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Who will win the SUPER BOWL XL?

Poll ended at Mon Feb 06, 2006 3:20 pm

Steelers - The Chin will Win
Seahawks - Where the heck is Brian Bosworth when you need him?
Total votes: 22

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Post by magnum44 »

Well obviously I was exaggerating Cower > Holmgren, but I think Holmgren is over rated and I could have coached GB to a superbowl that year considering the talent on that team. The fact that Seattle hasn't played enough PO games IS evidence of them choking, since they have been preseason favourites for the last 3 or 4 years but have blown it every year and have choked in pretty much every important game they've played. I have no emotional investment in this game and it seems like you guys mainly want Seahawks to win so I will cheer for them for what its worth,
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Post by Momesso »

My pick is the Steelers. Holmgren has actually been in more Superbowls (I remember when he was the OC for my Niners when they won back-to back) but Cowher is overdue and has coached a lot of playoff games.

Steelers are more playoff hardened. They have two weeks to rest. Dick Lebeau is on a roll and I think he'll find a way to get his D to get to Hasselbeck. They got to Manning and Plummer, two other very well protected QBs.

For the Hawks to win IMO it will have to be on Hasselback. Pitt is very good against the run, but they give up big plays sometimes, and they'll try to go deep, if only to keep the blitz off.

IMO the Seahawks are getting too much credit for their win over Carolina. The Panthers were clearly battered after the tilt with Chicago and they were totally out of gas, both mentally and physically.

That said, I will be happy for either team, because I like them both. Seattle is way overdue for a title and they deserve it. They are like the Canucks in the sense they are a long-standing franchise with precious little to celebrate. But how can you not like a smash-mouth group like the Steelers?

It's going to be awesome.
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Post by mattola »

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Post by Cornuck »

I had a dream a few nihght s ago, about a Seahawks loss (40-something to 3).

I didn't put a bet down, and I think I survived anothe bad game...
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