WORLD CUP 2014 (no not really)

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Re: WORLD CUP 2014

Post by Arachnid » Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:46 pm

Strangelove wrote:
Arachnid wrote: I wasn't my cousin, it was my mom that died of cancer remember? You sent me some pretty mean PMs about it and continue to attack me for it. That's just makes me sad man.
No it was your cousin and you had a meltdown over it.

I've never sent you Emails about any of your tragic losses.

And you've had Ooh so many, haven't you.

I'm not a salesman and I have NO IDEA why you keep saying that.

You say a lot of things about me that have no basis in reality (I call it "witching").

Meanwhile I deal (mostly) in the truth.
Arachnid wrote: Pretty sure Hindis aren't a race though...they gots white peoples too...Did you not even finish college? :lol:
Arachnid wrote: I know your (my faux! 8-) ) looks infertile, fat and ugly and you drink a lota red wine but cheer up...Old Bean™ ...
Well you got the "red wine" part right, but you obviously have no idea about my wife.
Arachnid wrote: It could be worse, you could be a salesman in a dead end job that gives you way to much time to post on anonymous Canuck Hockey Message Board and have ill health ...oh wait a sec.....
Salesman, salesman, salesman.... :roll:

And my health is excellent....

My, you are such a WICKED witch! :shock:
Really? You talk about witches like they're real :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ...and then like a politician (or salesman) you say you only tell the truth when the board is plastered with your lies :roll: )

You're a salesman, trust me. I got you.

Next thing you'll be telling us you had a threesome with your hot young wife and god


Stop trying to 'get' me Strangey, I'm your mate, we go back a long ways.

I slapped st(h)inker, GonadwoMan and ODHD (hides be hide yellow sox) and I will take you out too if I have to.
I'll only do this if you need an intervention from obsessing about moi.

Stop posting lies about my mom dying of cancer, that's just mean :evil:

I love every move Jim Benning makes 8-)

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Re: WORLD CUP 2014

Post by Strangelove » Thu Jun 12, 2014 5:14 pm

Arachnid wrote: Really? You talk about witches like they're real
I thought I made it clear.

By "witching" I mean lies & deception.

Or did you know that and you're just witching again? :hmmm:
Arachnid wrote: Stop trying to 'get' me Strangey

I'm trying to help you Spidey!
Arachnid wrote: I slapped st(h)inker, GonadwoMan and ODHD (hides be hide yellow sox) and I will take you out too if I have to.
I'll only do this if you need an intervention from obsessing about moi.
Actually, those are the 3 dudes who caused your meltdowns.

All the longtimers here know this to be true.

Oh sure they did it by being major assholes

(mocking your dead cuz/friend, stalking your family online, welching on bets, etc).

But YOU didn't "slap" any of them.

THEY destroyed you.

It's OKAY to admit that, no one is going to think any less of you!

We all know you lost because YOU'RE TOO NICE A GUY.

And to be honest they're leaving you alone now because they don't want to cause another meltdown.


Take a *real* look around you.

No one is trying to "get you" Spidey.

It's all in the past bro!

We've all matured, we've moved away from that kind of thing.

And I think I can speak for all of us in saying we're ashamed of what we once thought was "cool".

Fuck, we were kids and WE'RE SORRY!

NO ONE wants to see an ugly meltdown ever again.

Pretty sure about that.

Anyway, peace out bro, you're the nice guy, relax it's all over, peace out....

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Re: WORLD CUP 2014

Post by The Brown Knight » Thu Jun 12, 2014 5:42 pm

To Whom it may concern,

"Please be my friend"


Your friendly neighborhood coordinator at

"I post the Brown Way" ~ Connor McHindu"

The Dark Indian Rises

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Re: WORLD CUP 2014

Post by Cornuck » Thu Jun 12, 2014 5:49 pm

Ok - I'm locking this thread, even though it's in the B&G. We'll start another World Cup thread and see if doesn't get monopolized by anyone.
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