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Association Football

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:31 pm
by Per
CL quarter finals with my predictions, winning team underlined.

Man City - Barcelona
The closest of the match ups. I hold Barcelona as the favourite, but would not be very shocked if Man City managed to some how beat them.

Olympiakos - Man United
The equivalent of a free pass to the semi final for Man U, imho.

Milan - Atlético Madrid
Go back in time and Milan would be the favourites, but Berlusconi is a convicted fraud and his team is falling apart. Probably not a clear cause and effect, but still. Meanwhile the lesser Madrid club has improved drastically. I hand this to the Madrileños.

Leverkusen - PSG
Zlatan and his crew will have a pleasant journey to the semifinal. Sure, it's not Olympiakos, but this is still a sweet deal.

Galatasaray - Chelsea
Chelsea, of course. Galatasaray has a handful of super stars, Drogba for instance, but it'd still be quite an upset if they beat the Londoners.

Schalke 04 - Real Madrid
Yet another game where the outcome seems certain. The king's men will win. Sure, Germans are Germans, but against Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale et al.... Nah.

Zenit - Borussia Dortmund
The Germans win and move Zenit out of the light.

Arsenal - Bayern München
The cost of ending second in your group. It's not that Arsenal is a bad team. It's just that the Bavarian ruling champs are playing the best football in the world right now. Tough luck, Wenger!

So, guess I ended up giving every single matchup to the higher seed. :oops:
Not very daring, but it's just the way it seems to me. All matchups look predictable.