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Re: My Truck...

Post by Meds » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:48 pm

Nissan makes a good truck.

I would wait for the 2019's though on their XD's. Nissan tends to take at least a couple of years to work out the bugs in their new models, and I believe we are just going into year 3 with their diesels. That being said, the diesel was rumoured to be coming since like 2012 when I bought mine, and they took 4 years to actually deliver it, so maybe they got it closer to right this time.

I know when the Titan came out in 04 (or was it 05), there was a pile of little issues. One of the bigger ones was that it had too much power and torque for the tranny, and when towing you'd end up wrecking it because the engine wasn't even breaking a sweat but your gears were red hot. They fixed that and a bunch of other stuff by 2008 or 09, and then ran the same truck up until 2016 with no real changes in options. They had a bulletproof model, but by the time it was retired it was lagging behind everyone else in terms of options, HP, and fuel economy.

I bought mine in 2012, pulled a trailer across the country and back last year, and other than guzzling like the Dude on a Monday at the Astoria it was great. It's almost 7 years old and just getting broken in, but I'll keep it for another 5 years. I'd consider grabbing a new one, but the wife gets the next set of wheels, and honestly the truck still runs like a top.

Agree with the cab-to-box options. The imports have their heads up their asses there.

Everyone I've talked to who has driven the new XD's swears by them. They have a bunch of great features, and power for days.

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