GDT: R1G2 Canucks Vs. Sharks 7:00 PM PST TSN

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Re: GDT: R1G2 Canucks Vs. Sharks 7:00 PM PST TSN

Post by paddy » Sun May 05, 2013 9:22 pm

Aaronp18 wrote:Got these guys right where we want them!

Ooooooo we only lost 2 games in at home during the regular season, well here come two in a row in the playoffs!

The Sharks are a streakier team than we are, time to hit them on that down slide. It's only a matter of time.

That last game hurt, hell I'm still feeling it, we should have put it away. If we keep at it good things will come, with Kesler back and healthy anything can happen.

well its 5-1 now and given this fact that it takes this team a month to score 5 goals I vave a tough time believing they will score 5 in the final 10 min BACK UP THE TRUCK NEW BROOM SWEEPS CLEAN...
whether you like it or don't like it learn to live with it because its the best thing going today...

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