GDT MARCH 31 - VAN vs. The CAL - 7PM CBC

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Re: GDT MARCH 31 - VAN vs. The CAL - 7PM CBC

Post by Jovocop » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:08 pm

Farhan Lalji wrote: Jay Bouwmeister was one player that I had in mind (I know he's not being paid 6-7 million), but wondering if Van/Cgy made a 4 player "crap for crap" deal in the offseason, and we ended up with the best player, would it still be to our benefit.
After watching last Saturday game, I am not sure Jay Bo is someone that the Canucks want any more. The OT goal which is a good example of how weak he is defensively. At first, I don't really agree with Peca's comment but after Ebbett, a tiny forward, deflecting the puck in front of the Flames' net while JBo was standing right next to him, I finally agreed with Peca. JBo has to be one of the easiest defender to play against. The Canucks need some SOB who can play, not another Mr. Nice guy in front of the goalies...

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Re: GDT MARCH 31 - VAN vs. The CAL - 7PM CBC

Post by CrzyCanuck » Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:15 am

Cornuck wrote:
Listercat wrote:Raymond has become the favourite whipping boy.
I don't know about 'becoming' the whipping boy, but it's been frustration watching him the past few years. If his hands matched his speed - we would really have something. But when was the last time you got excited to hear the play-by-play say, "And Raymond is streaking down the wing!". :?

Hey, our old pal' Pavol mentioned that Raymond's a lot like his former teammate Gaborik and had the potential to develop into a scoring threat

... except Raymond's hands never caught up to his speed, and his shot accuracy was never improved.
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