GDT: Canucks @ Avalanche - 19:00PST, CBC HNiC

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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Avalanche - 19:00PST, CBC HNiC

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RoyalDude wrote:
Island Nucklehead wrote:
RoyalDude wrote: Here is what we need for us to have any success in the playoffs, Ryan Kesler and Henrik Sedin. Nothing more nothing less. Oh, and great goaltending as well.

I mean, we can all go on and on and on and on about tough guys, fighters, mean, big, tough, angry, irate, irritable, ornery, miserable etc, blah, etc, blah, blah, wtf'ever the bottom line, our two guys down the middle on our top two lines are what only matters in the end. If they ain't going, you can all forgetaboutit Lord Stanley.
For once, you are correct. If Sedin or Kesler go down, we're hosed. Nobody on, or formerly on, our roster would change that fact.
Go down as in getting injured? Fuck dat, I am talking about the two of them playing at their best in which they ain't. I mean Hank, 2 goals in his last 32 games, sheee-ite. Kesler? A little over half the goals he scored last year? Where is the Kesler beast from last season?
I thought it was a pretty simple concept.

Up to the deadline, Kesler was playing the defense that Hodgson couldn't. That would curb anyone's goal totals.
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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Avalanche - 19:00PST, CBC HNiC

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CrzyCanuck wrote: Of course he's going to develop into a nice top center, but it'll take time.

I think people need to stop comparing Hodgson and Kassian. Yes, if you compare both of them as "projects" you can do so but keep in mind this year Pahlsson was acquired to replace Hodgson, and Kassian was a project that Gillis and Co. want to develop in place of Hodgson.
This is something that has been said by about 19 people on this board, and it doesn't get any more true.

Hodgson WILL be a point-producing player in the NHL, I don't think anyone is discounting that. What he's not is a third line checking centre. And despite all of MG's talk earlier in the season that we're "happy where things are at", Hodgson wouldn't even be in the NHL with the Canucks if Malhotra wasn't half the player he used to be. Add a crazy control freak of a father, and when you pick up Pahlsson he suddenly becomes a very movable asset.

Organizationally, Zack Kassian is presicely what the Canucks were missing. Despite all the "take the PP", "play with skill" lines management and the players were trotting out, the Canucks needed to get tougher, both to play against and literally. The fact he has top-6 upside is golden. Even with his limited cardio, he's shown he knows what to do in the offensive zone. He's created a lot of havoc in front of the net, and it's apparent very few of his opponents want to tangle with him post-whistle.
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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Avalanche - 19:00PST, CBC HNiC

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RoyalDude wrote:
porp wrote: Although it doesn't quite feel like "mean" - he doesn't have the crazy or hyper-aggressiveness
Would hate to see him get more tuning like the tuning he got from Staubitz a couple weeks back. The kid ain't no Lucic, so people need to lower them expectations. That being said, I agree with Island Nucklehead, fighting wins you hockey games, it's the most important part of your team.
He is a kid in a kid's body. Staubitz cannot play the game and is in there for one reason. The guy can fight. Must lead the NHL by now. Since going to Les Habs he fights most every night. Give Kass a couple of years combined with his natural instinct to go for the throat. We are going to like this kid for a while. AV put his hand on him when Downie got ntty in front of the bench. You could see the kid wanted to go. Nice to have him here even if we paid too much and we might have.

Too early to tell really.
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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Avalanche - 19:00PST, CBC HNiC

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Mondi wrote:I think Van would be "favoured" by pundits against St. Louis even if they finish a couple of points back. St. Louis is young and inexperienced and missed the playoffs last season.

And if you look at St. Louis' schedule this week, it is conceivable the Canucks could be back in first place by the weekend. Whether they "deserve" first place is an open question, but I'm more than happy with home ice in the West.

The key to Vancouver winning the Cup this season is going to be consistency and an upset or two, otherwise the path to Pittsburgh is an absolute minefield. Imagine having to go LA --> Nashville --> St. Louis --> Pittsburgh. I wouldn't bet the farm (or a nickel) on that. I'll take first place and the President's Trophy if I can get it.
I know the Pens look like the Eastern reps in the final but all the really good teams have gone through great stretches and some slumps. I would favour Pit but they got a lot of goals scored on them lately and I do not think Fleury is all that. NY, Philly (with Bryz playing lights out that is one dangerous team) and the Bruins are all close. Gonna be a dogfight all the way.

As for playoff opponents I do not think there is anyone potential matchup in the first round that we should worry too much about. I like the way we are shutting desperate teams down and our outlet passes are looking better, Still need to come down harder on enemy in our blue paint.
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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Avalanche - 19:00PST, CBC HNiC

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I think Kassian and Hodgson are comparable as developmental projects. Hodgson has a year and a half of a development head start by virtue of having been in a development oriented, Detroit model team. In our system, Kassian will grow, they will force cardio into him over the summer like a college kid trying to master a beer-bong and he will do great.

Its been a big transition.

I am also happy to see Hodgson finding his stride in Buffalo.

But the obvious that others have posted is also true. Phalsson is doing very well in that third line center role. He's pulling some of the pressure of Kes, his line has been mixing it up and creating some good scoring chances lately...etc..etc. Aquiring Phalsson made the Kassian/MAG for CoHo/Sulzer deal possible.
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