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Re: GDT - Canucks vs Stars 7PM PST SNet

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:08 am
by Waffle
I agree with what you said Herb.

Hearing the comments from various people after the trade deadline, I assumed that MG decided that the price for a decent right sided d-man was just too high. He had two the future for a better shot at winning this year, or, make the best he could out of a difficult situation. He has commented in the past that he wants to follow the Detroit model, have a good team each year, and feels that if you have a team that can contend for the cup each year, eventually you are going to win it.

How important is it for the Canucks to win the cup this year as opposed to next year? From his perspective I don't think there is any difference. By keeping Schneider and not trading roster players and draft choices to shore up the defence, and with the trade he made, he has done what he could reasonably do to help the club contend this year. Who knows, maybe the Canucks will luck out and win it all this year. But next year with a Schneider (most likely) trade and likely a Ballard trade in the forecast, and the newer players having the extra time to learn the systems the club should be stronger than this year.

From a fan's perspective, every year I want to see them win the cup this year, and think they should screw the future and go for it. I wouldn't care if once they win it the team tanks and is out of the playoffs for a few years, getting top draft choices, and training the next defensive corp (which is what Edmonton seems to have forgotten about). But that is just me.