GDT: Oil vs Nucks - 7pm - SNETP

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Re: GDT: Oil vs Nucks - 7pm - SNETP

Post by newcanuckfan » Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:57 pm

Why post in this GDT 3 days later? Simple. No hockey to watch, wife and kids in bed, and I actually didn't see the 3rd and OT the other night, so....why not watch the replay and comment like it just happened!

Should've been 6-2 Canucks going away, though I'll give the Oilers credit for being pesky. The young legs helped keep them in it longer than most teams would have. After watching the live game for a period and a half, and watching it now for the full 3+OT, it was just the bounces (and posts) that didn't go the Canuck's way. That was as dominating as a shootout victory can be.

Bottom line, rather than complain about a "lack of finish", I came away with a positive vibe where I do believe that they're ready to put it into high gear once the break is over. A few other observations (since we have a lot of time to reflect until next Tuesday):
- Ballard played a nice game tonight the other night (and for the past few games as well). He just needs a little more help to his right.
- Sedins look ready to bust out and rack up the points. Same goes for the second line.
- Raymond, raymond, raymond -- a freaking pass knocked you over buddy....time to get home for some Alberta beef.
- Luongo = focus. (But Cory needs a start sooner than later all the same).
- Where'd the hits go? Saving them for Cap'n Crybaby next week perhaps?

That's all I got, time to go to the Trade thread for the rest of the weekend I guess....

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