Dec 28 - Canucks at Sharks - 7:30 PM - TSN

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Re: Dec 28 - Canucks at Sharks - 7:30 PM - TSN

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Brent Burns has a Corsi Rel of 24.5, and his Corsi Rel last year was 9.5. To compare, Dan Hamhuis Corsi Rel is 7.7, and last year was 9 (5vs5 numbers, higher is better).

The Corsi Rel number for Burns has been even higher earlier this year, and likely he is going to have some bad games and see his Corsi numbers drift down to his career average. Vancouver was the beneficiary last night. But I think it would not be appropriate to judge his overall performance on the basis of one bad game. He has the potential to be much better, and I hope it is not against the Canucks in the playoffs.
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Re: Dec 28 - Canucks at Sharks - 7:30 PM - TSN

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Sitting in Thailand ..couldn't get game on TV or net so listened on 1040 .. TV was on Aussie News.. A pod of Killer Whales attacked sharks and herded them into shallow water and killed them :) A good sign and then the Nucks win !!
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