GDT: Vancouver & Columbus: Now on SPAC

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Re: GDT: Vancouver & Columbus: Now on SPAC

Post by Meds » Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:47 pm

Corb wrote:Raymond practicing with Hodgson and Hansen. Volpatti out.

Sorry Topper, looks like the rookie's earned a bit of credibility with the coach.
Ya know, that actually doesn't look too bad.

It keeps Hodgson at center, the position he at least knows and can skate in. He will have a pair of very fast wingers, one who has the tenacity of cornered badger on the forecheck in Hansen, and another who is (maybe not initially upon return) even faster than Hansen, and can us his speed to backcheck like a demon. If both wingers go to the net with speed, Hodgson has options because both of those wingers are fast enough to get behind the defense, this will force the defense to back off and give CoHo more room, which means either better looks at the net or better looks at passing lanes. Either way, that line combo gives the strongest puck carrier way more time to work, and it gives the best passer great options to hit on the fly, on the rush, on the breakout, or wheeling through the offensive zone.

However, when you consider this line's weaknesses (see Topper's many posts on Hodgson), if Vigneault puts them out there and wants them to run a cycle game like the top 2 lines do, it's doomed to failure. Neither Hodgson, nor Raymond, are overly strong when having to battle against defenders in the corners or along the boards. Hansen is better than average, but still can be pushed around quite easily by bigger defenders.

I also like that this forces a 4th line of Malhotra-Lapierre-Weiss. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of either of those names on the wing there, but our 4th line now has 2 centers, one who will win most draws, 2 sandpaper players, one who never quits on the puck, and a body willing to hit. If Manny can get it together and start contributing like he was last year before his injury, and Weiss plays the big banging role we expect, it's not bad at all. It's true that they will never be a line that will enforce or intimidate many opponent's with their size, but they will be a line that opponent's can't simply send their own goon squad out against to crash and bang because they are faster and better than any 4th line goon squad in the league.

I still want a bruiser who can keep players like Tootoo, Lucic, S. Thornton, etc. in their place come playoff time.

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Re: GDT: Vancouver & Columbus: Now on SPAC

Post by LotusBlossom » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:00 pm

Benjo wrote:-Loosey goosey power play in the third cost Schneids his shutout, could do without those 1-2 shifts of 0 focus.
-Daniel could have had 1 or 2 more goals as well
Agreed, way to loosely goosey. Should have been and could have been a shutout for Schneider. Best Canuck out there.
Danny and Booth could have easily had more goals each.
-Hodgson probably had his weakest game of the season
Allowed those from time to time. Not his best effort, he was just lucky Schneids is on a hot streak.
-While the Canucks kept several of the 47 shots to the outside, there were a few chances for CBJ that should have never happened.
Yeah the shots that were thrown at Schneider weren't all great chances. Many from the outside and easy sight-lines for the goalie. Also, I said the Canucks were dominating the game, I was somewhat right, since I didn't feel the shots were really affecting and reflecting most of their play throughout the game, with an exception of part of the 3rd period.
-I don't think any goalie could have saved Kesler's
He's back!!!!!!!
-Was very happy with some of the 4th line's shifts, they are getting some offensive looks and creating pressure.
-Alberts played a decent game other than the stupid puck over the glass penalty. There was no real reason to even try to fire it off the glass IMO.

All in all a potential trap game, thankfully the boys scored first and it was all downhill from there.
4th line looked good last night. Loving their play.
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