GDT: Nov 23: Canucks @ Colorado - 6:30pm - SPac

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Re: GDT: Nov 23: Canucks @ Colorado - 6:30pm - SPac

Post by Hockey Widow » Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:34 pm

[/quote]Exactly. Like I suggested, Gillis isn't going to move Schneider unless its for a deal he couldn't possibly refuse. I do believe Schneider will be moved, either via trade in the off-season, or allowed to walk after signing an offer sheet (offer pending return/cap hit of course).

Having said that, I do believe there is an outside chance Cory signs here long-term next summer and Luongo is dealt. This depending on how Luongo plays this year and more specifically, this post-season. Should Luongo falter hard, I could realistically see management and Luongo mutually parting ways.[/quote]

I don't think it is a stretch at all to see Luongo moved before Cory. I see a few scenarios playing out:

1) We win the Cup. Luongo requests a trade back to the Florida area. Tampa would be a perfect fit but so too would the Panthers with their play this season.

2) We don't win the cup but Luongo plays lights out. We keep him

3) We don't win the cup and Luongo is average again. I can see a mutual parting of ways in that scenario too. If I am not mistaken after 5 years Luongo can ask for a trade and we must honour his request. Nothing saying it can't happen sooner if "A' he already has his ring or "B" he wears out his welcome.

Unless MG gets a lights out offer for Cory I think he has to keep him and bide his time. I just don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling that Luongo will play out his contract as a Canuck unless he comes back from this injury and the Luongo of old shows up. As long as he remains Mr. inconsistency I think he will be gone long before the end of his contract.
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