GDT: Canucks host Ducks - 9/24 - 7pm - CBC, NHLN-US

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Re: GDT: Canucks host Ducks - 9/24 - 7pm - CBC, NHLN-US

Post by Potatoe1 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:13 pm

coco_canuck wrote: I'm with you on Pinner, and I've liked what I've seen from Duco so far, but I still want to see a little more from Duco in his own end and offensive instincts in terms of passing and positioning.

You're right, the 4th line will be a huge improvement from what we saw at the start of last year. A line of Pinner-Lappy-Duco can have a big physical and pesty impact on games, but you need them to stay fairly disciplined and aware of their on ice responsibilities.
I have to agree here.

In terms of style Duco / Lappy / Pinner seems like an ideal 4th line.

All are fast, and physical, 2 of them can fight, and the other 2 can stir the pot.

The question of course surrounds Duco and Pinners ability to play in their own end and score enough goals to justify even a very limited amount of ice time.

You need to get solid defence and at least "some" offence from your 4th line. This BTW is why I like Duco / Pin over Volpatti / VO.

Duco and Pinner both put up decent numbers in the AHL last year and both have shown a bit of offence at camp so far.Volpatti and VO combined for just 6 goals last year and that just isn't going to cut it.

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Re: GDT: Canucks host Ducks - 9/24 - 7pm - CBC, NHLN-US

Post by Corb » Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:19 pm

Personally, Ballards game looks the same to me as last year. His skating seems better, but that's about all I can say.

WTF has happened to Ryan Parent?

I agree with other posters with respect to Mancari, and he's a train wreck on the point and would get eaten alive by first line penalty killers.

Schneider looks a bit too comfortable (I.e. roster spot locked up), and I've been disappointed with his play.

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