GDT: Avalanche hits GM place -- 7:00 PM, PPV

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Re: GDT: Avalanche hits GM place -- 7:00 PM, PPV

Postby BingoTough » Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:18 pm

LotusBlossom wrote:Sorry got excited. It will be my last live Canucks game for some time. I am heading back to Ontario (kicking and screaming) because I have to take care of my client in person for a while. After that I leave for Asia for a month and will be subscribing to some NHL Gamecenter online to watch the Nucks play at all crazy hours like Clam did last year. I am hoping for a good showing.

Paying for Gamecenter is well worth it considering how painful it is to find free online games. Reliable and you can get it on-demand if you want
I wonder if they'll disallow the whole game because of the distinct ass-kicking motion the Canucks used on the Kings? - Brian CC

Congratulations on the new job dave, try not to fuck it up this time eh? - UKCanuck
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