GDT: Canucks @ Calgary - 6pm - SNet

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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Calgary - 6pm - SNet

Post by dr.dork » Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:46 am

the toucan kid wrote:
is it just me or do we look totally out matched physically.. not just tonight.. just doesn't feel like we have a guy that is goign to go out there and smoke guys..
I honestly don't feel it has anything to do with that, although when one is losing it sort of seems that way. Simply put, they're playing DUMB hockey. Making a shitload of unconscionable mistakes every period just trying to leave your own zone means you aren't going to win too many games.
Mistakes and they are playing scared. Scared to make mistakes. Playing like a bunch of losers, really. They're playing like a 2-4 team (maybe even a 1-5 team) but I think they're better than that. We will break out of this funk sooner or later (hopefully sooner rather than later).

We're lucky (two posts) it wasn't 7-0 at one point.

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