GDT: GAME 2 - Canucks host Blues - 7pm - CBC, VS

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Re: GDT: GAME 2 - Canucks host Blues - 7pm - CBC, VS

Post by Island Nucklehead » Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:10 am

Mikodat wrote:Good game... Canucks... Great game Luongo... and a bit lucky ;) Hockey gods are smiling on the Canucks.. 3 posts... might have been a closer game if 1 had gone in. Impressed with Bernier line.. now if Raymond could only hit the net :).. Looking for a split in St Louis but... they get last change and Hockey Gods are fickle.. So far our D and goaltending has been fantastic.. Offence ... ok.. I expect Blues to be tougher in their own building..
We hit our posts in game 1.

That game was un-fucking-believable! I'm not so sure that AV would be upset at the end-to-end rushes, all they proved is that the Canucks can maintain that kind of level, whereas the Blows could only mount sporadic pressure. It became clear early on that the Canucks are a better, deeper, more skilled team.

I liked the strategy shift to high-pressure checking. St Louis' defense is brutal, and the more pressure we put on them the more they crumble. Keep the puck out of the hands of their talented forwards and we'll be just fine.

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Re: GDT: GAME 2 - Canucks host Blues - 7pm - CBC, VS

Post by Sid Dithers » Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:36 am

A very solid, 60-minute effort by the Canucks, and that's one thing that worried me all year: they could never put three full periods together and look like a tough, unyielding team. It was especially nice to see that tonight in a game where they could take control of the series. That says a lot.

The Blues must have a sinking feeling by now. For a young team, I think they are playing and battling very well. But when Louie looks like he's in one of those zones where he isn't going to let anything in, it must slowly rip the heart out of the other team. Even the shots he isn't seeing are hitting him, or hitting pipe. Very discouraging. As for some of the others, Kelser is battling like a champ and the D are doing a good job getting the puck out safely. The Blues are still getting decent scoring chances though, so there is room for improvement. The Wellwood-Bernier-Raymond line (AKA the Grab-bag line) is playing hard, but they still worry me. They still figure to be a liability at some point, but so far so good, I guess.

And about Andy Murray. I certainly respect his dedication to the game and all that, he's a very good coach and has done an amazing job for St. Louis. But I'd hate to play for the guy. Geez, he is a complete control freak and borderline nutbar. An off-day and he sets up meetings all day long so that the players have no time to 'get-away' for a while? That's too much. Sounds too much like the Red Army to me. The playoff grind must allow players to escape the game some from time-to-time. Otherwise your own coach has you in the meat-grinder 24 hours a day. No good. Lighten' up, Andy!
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