GDT: Oct 10: Canucks at Detroit- 11 AM - CITYTV

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Re: GDT: Oct 10: Canucks at Detroit- 11 AM - CITYTV

Post by Meds » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:20 pm

Hockey Widow wrote:Only saw the third period so I can't really comment on how we played. But the one thing I wonder is about starting goalies. Now overall I am happy with Miller but Lack had a pretty good season last year all things considered. Under AV and Torts they employed a more analytical approach a lot more in selecting the starter. A game like today, with Miller's career record against Detroit and a morning game, we would have seen CS and Lack get the starts, in their respective years with us.
As you mentioned, back to back shutouts going in, no coach will put the backup in when your starter is riding that kind of high and it's not a back-to-back.

Look at the goals though. Only the 2nd goal can I even remotely hang on Miller, cross ice feed and he kinda read the pass wrong and lost an edge so he couldn't even come halfway across.

Goal one was through traffic and Kronwall was allowed to walk right in off the point and wired it top corner.

Goal 2 was as above.....on the PP too I think.

Goal 3 was a great save and then a scramble that required Sbisa and his partner to put it into the net. Sbisa sweeps it towards his own goal, off the post, off a Canuck skate, into the net.

Goal 4 was a goofy one too.

Miller's play, one way or the other, probably shouldn't even be brought up in this one.

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Re: GDT: Oct 10: Canucks at Detroit- 11 AM - CITYTV

Post by Topper » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:10 pm

A few comments;
This is the type of game I expected to see more of this season.

Ref's lost Vancouver the game? Is this place Bountiful?

Bounces went the other way, good to be lucky, lucky to be good.

Hamhuis was sorely missed.
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Re: GDT: Oct 10: Canucks at Detroit- 11 AM - CITYTV

Post by SKYO » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:13 am

I like Miller's American swagger tho' much better than the 'ah man - I let you down' Lu.
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Re: GDT: Oct 10: Canucks at Detroit- 11 AM - CITYTV

Post by Cookie La Rue » Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:18 am

Didn't expected 14 points on the roadtrip.

This game was winnable but too many basic mistakes leading to goals. First 2 were clear covering mistakes by Daniel and like Oates said, he knows that by himself.

Doesn't meant to be, i don't like early sundays.
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