GDT: 9/11/14 Canucks vs Ducks 6:00 pm (CITY)

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Re: GDT: 9/11/14 Canucks vs Ducks 6:00 pm (CITY)

Post by Overtime » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:13 pm

Tiger wrote:Was packing to go to Thailand listening to Shorty calling the game.. Not expecting a win after being blown out the night before.. I quit packing and enjoyed the best game our Canucks have put on in a long time. Lack came through and Bonino over Kess.. great game.. I am starting to be convinced this team can make the playoffs.. Something I would of bet against in the off season.. Late posting as I was on route to Paradise :)
I will get hi speed internet tomorrow so am looking forward to waking up to Canucks games .. Good way to start a day ? :)
That is a long committed flight. You must be a fan! Enjoy your paradise time! :)

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Re: GDT: 9/11/14 Canucks vs Ducks 6:00 pm (CITY)

Post by Puck » Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:54 am

It's been a couple years, but when he was last here, he had a definite stabilizing influence on the D. In fact, do Edler's more recent woes coincide with the departure of Sami?

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Re: GDT: 9/11/14 Canucks vs Ducks 6:00 pm (CITY)

Post by Tiger » Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:04 pm

Blob Mckenzie wrote:How long are in Thailand for ?
I will be here until March Blob.. and enjoying life. Bonus I wake up on game days to Hockey :)
" If you cant beat them in the alley - you can't beat them on the ice

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