Minnesota @ Vancouver 7:pm PST FS-N,SNET-P

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Re: Minnesota @ Vancouver 7:pm PST FS-N,SNET-P

Post by Boston Canucker » Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:21 am

Mr.Miyagi wrote:
Boston Canucker wrote:I don't know what's more annoying, the dreary shootout itself or the crappy Sportsnet camera work; so freaking busy and distracting.
It was awful. It almost makes me sick watching it. Maybe it's the 1&1/2 Gallons of vodka paralyzer i just dank. Whatever, at least the pajn is numbed.

Liked Lack
liked Kes
Happy to see Tanev back.
Our PP is embarrasing
Sedins and Burrows dissapoint
Liked kassian and booth again
Hated the shootout for obvious reasons

My positive spinds of the night are yes, Lack, but also defensively the team does look like it has it's game back. I mean 3 shots against in the 3rd, pretty good. also, The Sedins/Burrows are majorly struggling obviously, but I actually saw more life last night, just the level of confidence is clearly low. Burrows is shooting a lot, and the Sedins look like they are zigging and zagging a little better. I do think that will come...the PP, crazy bad, painful, could not believe the OT pp was so stale/static; they were little standing on their skates, no movement really at all.

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Re: Minnesota @ Vancouver 7:pm PST FS-N,SNET-P

Post by Meds » Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:24 pm

Every analyst hit the obvious nail on the head last night, the Canucks aren't going to make the playoffs if their top players don't start scoring, and they won't start scoring until they start shooting.

Valk was spot on in the post-game when he said that Henrik kills the man-advantage by not being willing to shoot the puck. If the PK knows that he won't shoot they just hang back and play off of him and it's a 4-on-4 with one dumbass stickhandling by himself with nobody to pass to. If he starts taking that step in towards the slot and letting go with that pop-gun of his then, and only then, will the Canucks PP get results.

Garrison was also useless on the PP.

The only think Lacking in Eddie's game is panic. The guy is so solid back there.

Defensively the blueline was pretty good throughout. Even Edler didn't look like a disaster.

Breakout was much better with the forwards were supporting the defense the way they needed to be.

4-on-4 the Sedins looked good in OT, they even used the extra room to take the puck to the slot. Of course with the goalie down and out Henrik doesn't even try to back hand the puck over top of the mess in the crease.....just skates behind the net and wastes all the work. Then the PP derailed all of our momentum.

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Re: Minnesota @ Vancouver 7:pm PST FS-N,SNET-P

Post by okcanuck » Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:32 pm

I've always been a Sedins fan, but that play by Henrick in overtime on the PP was absolutely disgusting. Shoot the f-----ing puck. Christ if you don't score at least there's a chance for a rebound.

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