Pittsburgh @ Vancouver 10:00 PM ET TSN,ROOT

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Re: Pittsburgh @ Vancouver 10:00 PM ET TSN,ROOT

Post by SKYO » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:21 pm

damonberryman wrote:As far as I know, MG was not a GM (Synchronicity or what?) until the owners of our team went out and hired him. He has made some real stupid moves such as Booth for that kind of money, and letting go of Torres got rid of our only genuine asshole. However, on the job training seems to be paying off. I like Torts so far and I stress, so far! Santorelli, Stanton and Richardson have been good moves. I also like the fact we got the kid named Horvat in the draft although I think old Lou in NJ fleeced him a bit. We should have got more.

My point is simple. I think he is learning and it will be interesting to see what happens before the trade deadline as we badly need a scoring forward. However, the Perrys, Crosbys, Stamkos and Ovies of the world are not common. I imagine their expectation in management is to make the playoffs this year and shoot big for next year. If some of our kids step up, and we get a scorer for Edler (Kane anyone, Evander that is) we could be tough. We also are deep in net with Erikson (Sp?) and Cannata both coming along, so we have some hope yet. Who knows? Maybe he will surprise us and make a huge trade?
Good post damon, MG has made some mistakes, but is getting better at this GM thing.

He just has to remember a deal or deal that never was could haunt a team for decades.

Anyways I understand other GM's are just as cheap and stingy, but there has to be some good win/win trades MG can cook up with another team, especially concerning a team needing a Dman where they have an extra forward to trade to us, with this team having a dman to spare when Edler gets back.

But yeah I think once they unload Booth, and they will, they will make a big splash via UFA this offseason, that is MG's specialty.
A long time ago, a baseball player remarked: "If I owned a ballclub, I'd hire a $5,000 coach and a $15,000 scout."

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