GDT: Canucks @ Kings - 19:00PST HNiC

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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Kings - 19:00PST HNiC

Post by Hockey Widow » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:28 pm

RoyalDude wrote:
JonT21 wrote:Steady Now! The way we overreact to a win or a loss in this forum is just brutal, lets be even-tempered for once.

No wonder our fan base has a bad rep.....
Relax...I have my doubts with this group come the playoffs, not the mean nothing season. I believe those feelings are legitimate. This group has issues with teams who get in their faces. Trust me, Santorelli, Richardson and Stanton won't change that. I fully expect this team to have another wonderful regular season, however I'm not convinced that we won't see what we saw last night come the playoffs. Something wrong with that?

I agree Dude. The first line folded like a pup tent last night. Same old, same old, as far as a team built with playoff grit. Making the playoffs is one thing but having to beat, in all probability, two of LA, SJS, Ducks, is a tall order. All three know how to play us to shut us down. In a one off game we have a chance each night but in a 7 game series we don't stack up right now. With SJS they were without Burns, the type of forward that kills us. If he is healthy and in the playoffs a SJS team we would meat would be more like the team we faced the first two games, not the last one.

I also agree they will in all probability have an acceptable regular season. Still not sure if now is the time for a make over, a make over that would cost us a top 4 on the back end, to upgrade up front.
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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Kings - 19:00PST HNiC

Post by okcanuck » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:05 pm

RoyalDude wrote:The game was a reminder that this is still the same ole AV bunch that when counter punched by a Sutter Hit Parade Hockey in games that matter we fold like a cheap tent. Torts magic this year will only do so much, we still need a bigger element of playoff hockey grit presence on the ice so when we get counter punched by the Kings after our opening 10 minutes of pressure on Quick we won't wimp out. You could just see the team deflate from the Kings push back, until we solve that we will not go far in the playoffs. That is our achilles heel. Zack Kassian, these are the games where a player of your potential needs to rise to the occasion on. If only Sestito had your talent, or you had Sestito's ability to counter a counter punch.

We could have used Hansen and Weise last night, but this team could use some more Torres, Cookes, Clutterbuck, Kaleta types. The players everybody loves to hate.

Anyhow, everyone carry on with your elation of our typical successful regular season Presidents Trophy hockey play, there is still the ugly presence with this group of a -throw-in-the-towel, give up, cowardliness when pushed back hard that has surfaced the last two 1st round playoff knockouts.

The trouble I have with your evaluation RD is you're basing your opinions on 1 game ,whereas we can take an over-all picture of the season so far. We had an off night, big fucking deal. Nobody on this board predicted our record at this point of the season, I , for one, am pleasantly surprised. You are suspiciously absent when the Canucks are playing over their heads and winning games, and then when they lay an egg all of a sudden its doom and gloom . I call bull-shit.

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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Kings - 19:00PST HNiC

Post by Art Vandelay » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:59 pm

RoyalDude wrote:
SKYO wrote:Fuck what a bullshit game, ya know its bad when Sestito is the teams best player thus far.

Can't match the LA Kings depth, skill, 4 lines of dominance.
The only player who seemingly knows how to hit like the Kings hit. He still never wins fights
LOL if you are saying Sestito lost that fight with Nolan you must have been way into the mouthwash last night. Sestito has poor balance but the dude will fight anyone and wins more than he loses. is your friend.

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Re: GDT: Canucks @ Kings - 19:00PST HNiC

Post by Tiger » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:21 am

sagebrush wrote:Way too many Canuck players vanished when the going got tough. Not the sign of a mentally tough team.

Lets hope fatigue explains some of it.

Anaheim may provide some answers.
So true.. but I don't expect the Sedins to do much against tough teams really..
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