GDT Wings at Canucks

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Re: GDT Wings at Canucks

Post by ClamRussel » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:43 pm

re: Flyers/Caps game. I guess punching a guy repeatedly in the facial area doesn't count as a "head shot" by the NHL regardless of whether he was a willing combatant or not. THAT, my friends is the hypocrisy of all these "suspensions" for body checks. Meanwhile reports have Lecavalier and Downie splitting a cab to hospital.

Lets see, Edler suspended for bodychecking, Hansen suspended for leaping after an airborne puck....complete line brawl and no suspensions....including what Emery did was pretty much assault. Shanahan couldn't find a rule that he could suspend him with. Gee, was there a rule for Hansen?
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