Heritage Classic Thread (March 2, 2014 vs Ottawa)

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Re: Heritage Classic Thread (March 2, 2014 vs Ottawa)

Post by LotusBlossom » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:17 pm

The Heritage Classic is not a Canucks event but rather an NHL so, as Donny said, it's not our season ticket packages. However, the advanced sale for those game tickets were about $300 a piece and in a corner and a little too low to see the game (the ones I was assigned anyway). It kind of pissed me off since our household has three season ticket packages and two of those packages are in what the Canucks call "Premium Seating" sections. Not worth the money, so I declined. Might think about looking for some if I can get a better vantage point.

About a month ago, Brian, Bruce Ng and I were invited by the NHL to a social media information gathering and got to know a little bit more about the game and its surrounding events. It seemed very organized and although ticket sales were abysmal early on, they have picked up and the event has picked up steam. Vancouver being Vancouver is always more of a last minute city and since everyone else is going to the Heritage Classic, everyone else will follow. There is a couple of public events soon to be announced for the week of the HC, but I am guessing it will be just after the Olympics when they make that announcement.

Also, the Heritage Classic would have served better for the Canucks and Senators if there weren't so many stupid Stadium Series games going on, like the one in LA at Dodger Stadium in the next little while. Not sure why they did so many this season, but events like this are better in smaller portions.

Last thought on this, I am really liking the retro-look that the goaltenders are sporting with the brown pads etc. Looking at the date, I say it's a strange heatwave and the NHL is going to have a hell of a time keeping that ice cold enough in a place that has historically been a warmer venue, even with the roof open.
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Re: Heritage Classic Thread (March 2, 2014 vs Ottawa)

Post by Mondi » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:34 am

Remember how lame this event was?

Haha, when was the last time we played the Senators in a meaningful game? Never.

Just awful.

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