Ballard on waivers

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Re: Ballard on waivers

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At the time of the trade, I thought we gave up alot for a player who I didn't think was a big name guy. His salary and his term stuck out to me right away and I was a bit concerned about it (much like when we got Booth after). I didn't know much about Ballard, but alot of ppl said he was a good player, so I figured I'd give him a chance and see how he did when the season started. He made some nice hip checks, but he didn't do much to impress me; although he was injured a bit his first year I recall. Anyways, I didn't mind giving up Machine Gun Grabner cuz I thought we didn't have the room for him and I had some question marks about his game, but I didn't like giving up a first round pick. The pick turned out to be Quinton Howden and for a time he looked like a great prospect, but his potential seems to have stalled a bit lately. Grabner turned out to be the guy who would come back to haunt us and Howden is looking like the throw in. Funny how things turn out sometimes. :)
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